Thursday, March 27, 2008

Earth Loves Assemblage Art

"It's about waste... and not wasting. Dying... and never being dead... and being desperate to feel alive. Its about me and earth, aging together... and having a place that loves me back... and rescues me from fear..." Vanessa Deranged.

During all of March RHC has had the pleasure of supporting artist Vanessa Deranged, an artist from Tallahassee, FL, who uses assemblage art to express herself. With death and rebirth and beautiful simplicity, I was honored to get to learn more from this peaceful soul.

Vanessa dabbles in other types of art, like painting and drawing, but assemblage art has taught her that not everyone belongs in a flat world. "Assemblage art allows  people to express themselves through the objects we humans create ourselves...and in many cases turn around and throw in the trash. Magically these objects turn into things."

So Sad. ©Vanessa Deranged 2008.

She discovered assemblage through not having any other means to do anything else, coming from no time and education, all she has is her cherished works and her soul. Most of the objects she uses were already owned or found on the street, and many of them are from the earth. "Earth loves assemblage art", is her modo, "creating beautiful compositions, from practically no bought materials, even no glue!"

In a world of beautiful things and inspiration from mother earth and other artists Vanessa dwells in her creations, living in places she creates. "I found assemblage art by accident and I am realizing that assemblage art is looked at with greater love and respect in other countries...and here in this country, most of us don't even know what it is. We tend to put other types of art in the high pedestal. In school we learn to draw and paint and play the recorder but never once have I ever heard the word assemblage till I was trying to figure out if there was a name for what I was doing and there was."

Who says you can't wear Derangements on your sleeve or perhaps your neck.
This piece is sweater guard made from bones, chain and elements from a flower. ©Vanessa Deranged 2008.

"My personal mission and I hope those reading this will help me make assemblage art more appreciated and admired. Assemblage art is also a great art for senior citizens... since alot of them have lots of objects they have collected over the years. Plus teaching assemblage art to kids will help us teach the young not to be quick to chuck something in the garbage and that many things can be used for other purposes... it teaches resourcefulness... in everything... not just the art."

Vanessa hope that one day assemblage art and photography will merge into something big and modern. Both art forms make a great pair, and she hopes she can make a difference on how we regard it. In her last words about the art form she loves so dearly, "ASSEMBLAGE ART IS NOT A CRAFT."

Earth's Guardian. ©Vanessa Derranged 2008.

We have been honored to have such a wonderful person and artist to feature this past month, and we hope to work with her in the future. Maybe one day both her and I can collaborate on a piece. You can view more of her art work at her myspace: or please stop by


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