Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nightmare no.1


I don't know where it came from, I was invited into a nightmare that I awoke from an intense heart beating panic, a dream of good verses evil, a dream of a demon that pushed me to the end. The dream is only remembered in pieces, memories of the dark evil verses rays of light from myself as an angel.

The dream started out with my husband and I in a car driving up through a the small town of Avondale, this road happens to be where my grandmother had her funeral about eight months ago. It just so happens, a friend of my father's car broke down right outside the funeral home two days before her funeral. It was the dead of night, no one was on the road, we were in a beat up gray car, Bruce was driving and I was the passenger listening to his silly jokes. We got up the hill and saw two young men walking in the road, as if their bones being broken. Bruce pounded the horn; no change. All of a sudden, fire was thrown at our windshield by garbage on fire. Our car went in flames, I couldn't get out, the locks were frozen, I wanted to help Bruce but couldn't. I looked at him with horror and in a spilt second he turned into my father. His face slowly formed into a demon like red creature with dark spots, its eyes dark as charcoal. I then was outside my body looking at myself morphing into angelic figure. No wings but soft blue skin with harsh edges. Blinding rays of blue light started projecting out my head, I could see bright red blazing out of the demon creature to my side. Quick images of evil statues were flashing, frozen small children of sorrow and demons hovering over me, them watching me as I entered a southern church from the ghosts of mississippi. There were dark hymnals and sweaty faces of a church congregation. Dark low drones with religious a chorus was in the background along with voices of angry men and woman matched with an old pipe organ. An exorcism of my body, no control as I a woke in a tense position face up, hands clenched, numb to to the touch and my heart wanted to explode in my chest. I finally came out of it, the morning was still dark with a little light coming through the cracks from the air conditioner. I looked over to my left at Bruce laying next to me, laying face up like me; sleeping....or couldn't wake up from a nightmare?

~Evil: Dreaming that something evil, such as the devil, is trying to harm you or is coming after you can mean
~Angel: An angel or spirit guide can represent the idea of receiving guidance, support, comfort, etc., or that you would like to.
Blue: spirituality
Red: The color red can represent stimulating, exciting, exotic, full of life or vigor, or anger. Red can also appear in a dream to highlight something important.
Illuminating Light: Hope, goodness, or assistance—especially when it appears in the darkness
~Fire: A flame or fire can represent light or life, heat, destruction, cleansing, or getting rid of the old before bringing in the new.
Hearing music can represent the idea of someone, or your own intuition or spiritual guidance, trying to give you a message. Think about what they lyrics say, and if there are no lyrics, pay attention to the mood of the music and what it might be saying. 
Statue: A particular person or a public figure, The inability to respond or move, In idea that the statue conveys, such as religion, war, freedom, etc.

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Your blog is lovely. I adore the photos of the Blackbird.

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