Wednesday, December 24, 2008

From the Heart: a first look at new arrivals

Here is a first hand look at our latest reliquary from the Red Heart Cult. My Secret Lovers Reliquary necklace is gorgeous revamped necklace that has a heart breaking love story (in) itself. A twisted love triangle between a plain jane and two brothers. A secret love affair with the handsome millionaire and the other brother, a loyal soul mate who is off to war. Who will she choose? Riches or a dedicated man who pours his heart into a single love letter that comes once a month; but will he return to her? 

This relic necklace is one of a kind and is a revamped from timeless artifacts. A vintage black enameled pendant opens to reveal an assemblage of love's past. An antique oval cabinet card of two brothers and on the bottom a piece of a vintage letter that reads "Oh Dearest", a miniature key with blue rhinestone and a piece of baby's breath. On the brass chain holds a strand of five antique chandelier crystals, smaller glass beads, two links of leaf chain and a beautiful pink pendant detailing in gold.

Stop by
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~ This Pink Posies necklace is a revolution for any doll who loves pink.



Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

gorgeous! x

Blood Milk said...

'my secret lovers' is really really lovely lady.

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