Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A True Romantic At Heart

A true sweetheart admires pearls swept over falling lace, rose gardens of pinks and luscious reds and occasionally tears of joy of pure emotion from the soul. Memories come to mind when I was creating some of my new pieces for Red Heart 13 this past weekend. One thought was my husband Bruce, and my first kiss with him; it was awkward but titillating at the same time. These are the feelings that are kept inside all of us, they are what life is all about, roller coasters of emotion and stepping stones on the path to being a grown up.

~ This Love Me Tender Pearl Necklace reminded me of my wedding dance, even though it was "Can't Help Falling in Love", I remember the close secrets Bruce spoke in my ear on our wedding day. What girl doesn't love that, and can't resist the classic beauty of pearls.


~ Memories of my nana Sarah Elizabeth; she was my queen. She had a beautiful rose garden, that her and I used to sit in. These were blissful moments when the world was calm as a child and we would caress a warm cup of tea. These Tea Rose Earrings, are a solid affection of my closest personal memories.

~ Love Notes and Tears of Joy, this necklace reminded me of my years in the big city away from my beau. Two years of phone conversations, of a voice miles away; and loneliness on the cold hearted subways. Finally... I came home.

~RED WEDNESDAY: Buy 1 piece of jewelry, get the 2nd half off!

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Blood Milk said...

I think that's what I'll remember most about my WD too, those secrets during the first dance.