Saturday, January 10, 2009

Something Old and New

~ Something old and new…these Immaculate Coral Cluster Earrings look as if they are from the shallow waters of a coral reef.

The truth about myself is that I love collecting jewelry, however I almost never seem to wear alot of it, on occasion I will wear a collection of necklaces together, something vintage and religious, I'm an advocate collector of crucifixes and water fonts. I am also a grand fan of earrings, especially the strange, unusual and of course vintage. Anytime I stumble upon vintage clip-on earrings, I get sucked in; I cherish the ones with clusters of pearls, bead caps and even intricate metal work. When I was in Salem back in November, there was this little antique store near the Salem Inn where my husband and I stayed, I found some wonderful photos graphs that I snagged and also the jackpot of vintage earrings. I love finding buried treasure!

I love revamping vintage finds into new pieces; it's giving a new life to forgotten pieces that have been forgotten. The pair above is a new creation, these organic Immaculate Coral Cluster Earrings are made from vintage beads, brass, a white enamel bead cap and a pink head pin. You can rework old clip-ons by removing the backing or even drilling a hole in the metal for hanging a new earring hook. It is a new twist on any fabulous era of style!


Evil Lily said...

They are gorgeous!
I tend to be the same about collecting vintage jewelry and then not really wearing it. I just HAVE to have it though. It's like a security blanket, only instead of warm and cozy, it is cold and old. The.Best.

lillyella, uniquely you said...

those earrings are amazing! I too hardly get to wear my own work and am also a sucker for vintage clip on finds!