Thursday, February 5, 2009

J. L. Schnabel: Featured Artist of the Month, Part I

February is a special month for the Red Heart Cult. Being a time of love and a celebration of Saint Valentine's execution, I am also cherishing one of my new favorite artists J. L. Schnabel; who all happens to be our featured artist of the month.

I met Jess through etsy, one day she wrote me, expressing how she adored my Death of Cleopatra painting ( and I loved her work too), after that I created a banner for her blog and soon for her shop Blood Milk, a place of haunted talismans for supernaturalist darlings. Her jewelry is handmade with love and blood in the haunted city of Philadelphia; that is the truth too. She lives with her husband and roomie, in a creepy brick townhouse that was built in the 1800s. I've been there and there is definitely something paranormal there. Even our collaboration painting Emily, was found on the floor feet away from where it was knocked off a shelf. Unfortunately, Jess and her husband might be moving to New York in the near future; hopefully she will find the history on her own haunted house.

Not only do her talismans speak volumes, so does her painted ladies of magic and doom. Her femme fatales are just to die for, each one madly inspired by mythology, the unknown, tragedy, magic and everlasting romance. Last year she was a success at the Mew gallery, and will be tomorrow night, at Topstitch boutique and gallery in Philadelphia, where she will be revealing her new anxious paintings from her "Hysteria" collection. I can't wait to go tomorrow night, time is going to go by so slow until then. I am looking forward to seeing her eerie yet bright magical paintings, plus can't wait to see Emily all finished and then rock out in Philly the rest of the night for my girl Nicole's b-day. 

Please come out tomorrow night to support Jess and even snatch some up some lovelies from Blood Milk or prints from Baby Fangs.

is located at 311 Market Street on the 2nd Floor. The show opens February 6th from 6~9pm, and remains opens through February 2009.

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