Monday, February 2, 2009

A Little Bit of Heart & Soul

I love stepping into other artists worlds filled with clutter, inspirations and a place where magic happens! Not often do we get to see these worlds, so I wanted to share my space where I create. I live in a brick town house from the late 1800s, it used to be a train station at one point, so the place is really old, the front brick even has carvings from all different people, it is quite beautiful (will have to shoot that sometime). We have three floors plus a basement, I have a little room on the second floor, it is crammed with all kinds of things. Odds and ends, supplies and even my treadmill.

I spend many hours here during the week, so it has become more comfortable after I received my desk as gift from my husband. It is very long so there is plenty of room for the computer, storage and all my odd knick knacks. 

Some of my favorite items are displayed with humor and love, including novelty fake plastic gold teeth that I picked up at the grocery store. I also have several crucifixes from my collection on my desk; I have them all over the house, about 30 in total from one inch to three feet tall.

I am a advocate collector of anything religious, here are some of religious statues in my office. I also have a collection of holy water fonts and several large framed portraits with the sacred/immaculate hearts.

At one point and time I was obsessed with antique engravings, still am but kind of got expensive. Here are a couple from my wall, I have several engravings some including Madonna with Child, Adam & Eve and my favorite is a late 1700 engraving of muscles from a leg. The wall that is right next to my desk is plastered with inspiration of all kinds, including images of Betty Page, master paintings, lace, roses and H.R. Giger.

I love displaying old portraits, my all time favorite is the one featured below of my nana when she was four years old. I am fond of black and white portraits of babies, they are just timeless.



Evil Lily said...

Gorgeous space! The plastic teeth are fantastic!

boylerpf said...

Love the old photos...I can't get enough of them and hang them everywhere!

Blood Milk said...

you have such cool stuff!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

I love your collections! The religious statuettes are particularly nice, I collect them as well. I used to have quite alot but eventually I whittled it down to just the old ones- no more light up tacky plastic. I just found a lovely bone resin St.Vincent at the thrift yesterday.

Vanessa Moore said...

Wow!! Your spaces look fantastic! Very inspiring :-)

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