Wednesday, February 11, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS from the Heart.

This week has been off to a great start! I have 9 new arrivals in shop that I wanted to share with you all. Also don't forget that today is RED Wednesday: if you buy one piece of jewelry, you get the 2nd half off. There is also the RED Sale going on too, over 13 items have been reduced and are soon to be taken out of the shop.

N E W  A R R I V A L S:

~ 1) Bzzzz, buzzzz Yellow Jackets flying amongst flowers and butterfly bushes.
These darling earrings are sure to give you a little sting of happiness.

~ 2) Made from a vintage lucite brooch,
this lovely patch of Pale Daffodils will surely brighten your day.

~ 3) Tommy and Susie were high school sweet hearts;
all was peas and carrots
until Tommy was caught kissing Mary Jane Behind the Bleachers!
This nostalgic charm necklace holds sweet or sour memories
of the high school wonder years.

~ 4) These Victorian Gray earrings are a blast from the past; literally,
this design has returned to my shop for the second time.
Based on a modern girl living in a Victorian past;
they have a twist of present simplicity and detailed flourished of mourning colors.

~ 5) She die every day she lived.
A sad song of a woman who lost her husband to war.
This lovely gun metal Victorian inspired choker relic is To Die For.

~ 6) Here is a treat compliments of our RED Sale.
This vintage Rhinestone Cross necklace is made from divine crystals
and is matched with a flourished rhinestone encrusted sterling silver cross.

~ 7) Bad news this Light My Fire necklace has been sold,
however I have not received payment yet,
so there is a chance it might return to the shop.
Set the night on fire with this vintage miniature rhinestone cigarette lighter.
Whether your a fan of cigs or just love nostalgic novelty items,
this necklace holds the purity of the 1930s.

~ 8) These precious babies have been sold as well, but again no payment,
so these could come back to the shop as well.
At the bottom of the sea in the resting place of drowned sailors,

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Evil Lily said...

Oh I love the "Light My Fire" necklace!