Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS from the Heart

Red Heart 13 was busy yesterday and last night getting all 12 new arrivals photographed and listed for you today! Below are eight new pieces, stop back tomorrow to see four more.

F O R   Y O U R   E A R S:

~ 1) Who can't resist white chocolate; any girls best friend! These White Raspberry Peeps remind me of yummy white chocolate eggs with a sweet fruity inside.

~2) These vintage vamped Enchanted Peacock earrings remind me of the beautiful colors you see amongst prideful peacocks.

~ 3) A romantic thought down memory lane; a first kiss or a secret romance from your Hearts Desire.

~ 4) A Fallen Empire of darkness! A queen killed in her fortress of medieval hearts and black spades of madness.

F O R   Y O U R   N E C K:

~ 5) This soft pink Rose Passion Twilight was picked right out of the garden of eden. A vintage matte lucite rose bead is matched with pink faux pearls, a vintage floral bead cap and a silver filigree bead.

~ 6) Life fast, die young! This Lifetime of Secrets nostalgic necklace is a reminder of a life passing us by; created from a vintage Timex wrist watch and an antique skeleton key.

~ 7) Be Pretty Tied Up with this vintage pewter bow and rose pendant on two swooping silver plated chains. There is a beautiful engraving of a rose on the front, and reads "Rose" "June" on the back.

~ 8) This Bringer of Death necklace is a preview of my new collection Black 13. A flat black human skull pendant is matched with jet black glass rose beads and a silver rhinestone bead on a silver chain.

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boylerpf said...

The raspberry peeps are fabulous! So very feminine...good job!