Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS: Organic Meets Elegance

I love being inspired by my childhood playground, I spend many of my Sundays at my father's house in West Grove, PA. Most of the time, I sit in the kitchen in my grandmother's chair and make jewelry. Winters, it is bare up there and it smells of horse manure, so I always look forward to awaking spring. The first glimpse is when the little snow drops peek up from under the dead leaves; I cherish them because they remind me of my grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. Once spring arrives, I truly get inspired, I walk around the several acres of land and smell roses, find rusty things, hear the goats across the way and catch bugs like bumble bees and beetles. I was really tickled this past Sunday, because I saw bright green moss growing on a tree outside of the house; it was quite brilliant the way the green set off on the brown bark. 

This Sunday was a little light on creating, because I spent several hours organizing my beads. I'd travel up to my pops with a travel box suitcase with wheels filled with 6 organizers and one shoulder bag filled with 5 more organizers plus three smaller ones. So the strap broke last week, gosh way to heavy, so I separated my beads and put some away for later. Now I just have the suitcase and two long organizers. So finally about 9:30 after supper, I was able to get to work. Hopefully this week I will get some time to myself.

N E W  A R R I V A L S
~ 1) Totally bubblicious and tied with a bow!
These silver plated Bubble-gum and Bow hoops are truly adorable,
perfect to feel young and fun while taking a stroll down 5th Ave.

~ 2) This Mermaid Shell Romance necklace can be worn on the ballroom dance floor
or at a beach side wedding. Made with a vintage metal shell pendant matched with gold pearls;
only a mermaid could wear such a beautiful adornment.

~ 3) In the heart of the Mississippi Swamp are bright green water lily pads kissed with the sun.
These earrings are modern simplicity matched with nature.

~ 4) Add a little vintage to your day with these Daisy Bouquet Cluster earrings;
made from cream and yellow enamel daisy balls that hang from a thin brass link.

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Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

that shell necklace is stunning x