Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hello All! A warm welcome to a new week and new month. Being the last day of March, today is our last day for FREE SHIPPING. Starting April 1st, I will no longer be offering this discount. However every week you can take advantage of Red Wednesday and 25% off all earrings on Fridays, but please stay tuned for upcoming discounts and specials that will be announced here at the Heart Chronicles.

Check out these lovelies I picked up this weekend at the bead show I attended on Saturday. I found these gorgeous navy blue shimmering pearls and flat glass beads, plus these brass lily connectors. The show is coming back in June so I def want to get more them, I can't wait. Stay tuned for more supplies that I picked up at the show, plus new Buried Treasure Ideas.

~ NEW ARRIVAL: Truly inspired by vintage glamour mixed with enchantment; this Old Time Trumpet Devotion pearl necklace is quite the charmer. 

~ NEW ARRIVAL: With hints of Art Nouveau flavor, these dark poetic Royal Meadow Drops are just the thing to make an unforgettable evening ensemble.

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