Thursday, March 19, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS: Sweet and Sassy

Swwwooohh what a week, a little behind on my blogging, been swamped with the new Delaware Children's Museum website; but now that I have some fresh air I want to share with you the new jewelry pieces that just arrived at Red Heart 13.

S W E E T   &   S A S S Y

~ 1) A Delectable Frosted Ribbon, so yummy, cute and pretty in pink! A whimsy brass ribbon is topped with a frosted pink vintage pearl and hangs on a brass chain that is kissed with rhinestones.

~ 2) Ribet Ribet, funky sounds from the forest dewing floor; The Frog Prince awaits a kiss. These tiny green and orange speckled beads reminds me of the little frog from one of my favorite childhood stories.

~ 3) Simple, silver and vintage; these Cherry Darling earrings are any rockabilly girls dream come true. I found these cherry charms this past weekend, they were part of a long necklace strand; I thought why not turn those babies into retro earrings.

~ 4) This stunning simple rhinestone feather necklace truly brings in the swing, and is truly Light As a Feather.

~ 5) Silly, speckled red and white! "I'm a loner dotty, a rebel!" This Albino Ladybug roams from bush to bush looking for but a single mate. These poked dot beads are truly amazing and hold the key to any spring venture.

~ 6) How 'bout a spot of tea! Why YESSSSSS! Gosh I just love Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Any whoo, these Tea and Crumpet earrings are quite romantic and are a perfect splash of color to match with your simple black dress.

~ 7) A lovely necklace made of single momentos of the past; a golden lucite chandlier pendant mixed with vintage mother of pearl rosary beads. I call this necklace the Hunchback of Notredame; it reminds me of all the keepsakes and memories we keep to ourselves in times of loneliness.

~ 8) Biiizzz, buzzzz Yellow Jackets flying amongst flowers and butterfly bushes. These cuties are back again for the third time and are sure to give you a little sting of happiness.

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Cheryl said...

very nice! I love the frog prince ones.