Monday, March 16, 2009

Rules of the Road

This morning was a little hectic. I was trying to get to work early since we are swamped (because we can't hire anyone to help, since the economy sucks). I was rocking out to Metallica, "And Justice For All" and going a little faster than usual, all was well, until I got to 141, which is the onramp before I-95 North. Once I got onto the ramp, I had to swing over three lanes, which isn't usually a problem. This morning there was a little more traffic than usual since it was earlier, but hey some nice person will let me over!

So I thought, I got over two lanes but there was a couple cars and a jeep going slow, I had my signal on forever and then thought to speed up to get to this opening. This dude in his jeep thought well I ain't letting this lady over, I'm going to go the same speed limit instead of letting off the gas a little or speeding up. What a jerk, there was almost an accident, I had sped up to get over and he wouldn't let me over, then this red truck merged into my, I had to brake quickly. 

I was furious, I do occasionally get road rage, especially this morning, I need to knock that shit off. Road rage that is, I'm going to get myself killed. I starred down the guy as he crept up next to me, I was yelling and he was, I gave him the finger yelling "You fucking retard, don't you know how to drive, dick!" Anyhow, he gave me the finger back and I ended up getting behind him. It's about fucking time I got over, christ. I was shaking my head back and forth starring this dude down in his rear view mirror, and he had the nerve to wave his hand all cute in the mirror. So I blew him a kiss and saluted him. What a nightmare! Guys are so aggressive on the road. Just let the cute lady in her Toyota, get over all ready.

Here are some things that GRIND MY GEARS:

~ TURN SIGNALS: Use them people! One thing that ticks me off is when people don't let others merge into a lane. Quick hogging the road and be respectful of other drivers. I know alot of times, we are joined with idiots on the road, whether be on their cell phones or just not paying attention. However, half the time you just get plain ignorant people who put others at risk.

~ MERGING: Yield does not mean stop, if you have to on occasion and there is a big mac truck coming; I completely understand. But don't come to a dead stop when you have to merge onto 1-95. WTF!

~ GO WITH THE FLOW: Ok, so your on 1-95, speed limit is like 60 mph, people are going 65-70 mph, if your doing 50 pick up the speed, I think people need to go with the flow of traffic, if not get in the right lane not in the fast lane / passing lane. I don't know how many times I see this, pisses me off. 

~ FREQUENT BRAKERS: This is the term I use on the road, these are the people that brake for the hell of it. Now I've only been driving for almost three years now, but I learned quickly. Have a good following distance, two to three car lengths when you can especially on the interstate. When the traffic flow is good, things move nicely and smoothly, which is ideal for keeping things moving; people have places to be. But then you got this one mother f*cker, who is braking for no reason and isn't even in the right lane, can you believe?!!! First of all, there is no reason to brake when you are on the interstate unless traffic is backed up. Here is a trick, instead of braking release your foot off of the gas a little, this should give you enough time to adjust your speed slightly. I use this trick alot especially when I have to let someone in front of me. It's easy.

What grinds you gears on the road?
I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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boylerpf said...

You have named pretty much the ones that grind me. I do have to say the little people that can't see over the steering wheel (we all know who they are...the kind with the white hair ;D) that go about 20 in a 45 MPH zone. They drive me nuts!

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