Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS: Fantasy Noir

Short and sweet today, working on designing this brochure and homepage, oh boy!

~ 1) A Crystal Dagger frozen in time, it hangs in solitude amongst chains and pearls awaiting to slay its next victim!

~ 2) A run through Strawberry Fields and you'll be wanting a delicious dessert to adorn your neck; perfect for summer and made with all vintage pieces.

~ 3) Tis a fairy tale come true, this Rapunzel Enchantment necklace is a dark love ensemble made of golden locks and touched with a vintage rose pendant.

~ 4) This gothic Phantom Amulet necklace is to be worn by a mysterious character; a true phantom of romance with killer instincts OR any doll who loves the classic cult film the Monster Squad.