Monday, May 11, 2009

Skeleton Krew no.022: Aloysius the Orphan

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Saturday I spent the day spring cleaning from 10 am - 9 pm and Sunday was quite pleasant, I spent several hours sitting outside painting a new painting from my Skeleton Krew Collection™. Last year, I had stumbled across a photograph of a lonely little boy, I had started painting it a while back, but stopped because it was one of those things I was rushed into. I thought I ruined the little chap, so I put him away. 

I call this little monster Aloysius the Orphan, after the first round he looked almost Damien like from the Omen, kinda like a bat boy mixed with one-eyed-willy. I did like that fact that I gave him elf boots and pointy ears, but he just needed some more attention.

Yesterday, I pulled him back out and actually had to erase away paint from all of his head, it was a slow process of adding water and slow blending away the paint. It was quite challenging because over time the paint has left purple spots that bled into the photo, I basically had to work around it and darken those areas with each layer of gouache. This time I was more adventurous and used some white paint to brighten him up and add some shadows to his fabric, face and booties. I still might fudge around some more but we will see.

Aloysius is a bit more friendly now but the sadness still remains in his eyes, which I love! He is like a lonely child that no one wants to love, poor little baby is so small too, I would say only a year old. He will be arriving at Red Heart 13 later this week, I'm in search of a frame to suit him. Won't you take him home!

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Blood Milk said...

i love his shoes !
this is great.