Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Movie Night!

Thursday night is movie night at the Marvel household, Friday Bruce and I have off so we are planning to stay up late, eat ice cream and watch horror movies. Us being horror fans we thought we stick to some classic films along with some foreign suspense / horror films we've never seen.

Here are some movies that are on the list as well as movies I'm trying to get my hands on:
Cape Fear (1991) I've never seen this, can you believe it
Cabin Fever (2002) Not that great but disgusting, plus I got it for $5
Audition (1999)
The Others (2001) I've never seen this either

I would love to hear other movie suggestions, please leave a comment below!

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madbird said...

omg - cape fear is great! the others is pretty good too. myself, i'm a huge zombie fan, so i love romero's movies and also the dawn of the dead remake. salem's lot, as cheesy as it may be, holds a special place in my heart. Other faves of mine...rosemary's baby, halloween, the fog....i have endless favorite horror movies really. i love them all, and it seems i never grow out of them. have fun! :)