Friday, June 5, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS for this raining Friday

Hello everyone, so of course I am always late late late in showing new sweet treats from my shop. So lay back on this rainy Friday and enjoy…

~ 1) Tiny Stitches and Sweetness, a beautiful embroidered rose matched with antique chandelier drops to adorn your little ears.

~ 2) Sorry boys but Ladies Only; this necklace reminds me of a place for the sweetest chocolates and all the ruckus and rumors us gals can tattle up.

~ 3) A medal of honor and victor, an Armored Saint necklace to wear over your heart in battle against the enemy. This antique military medal honors a solider in training and signifies a shooting medal.

~ 4) A sweet bright yellow sensation just in time for summer, buttercups are just the sweetest past time, just pluck and hold up to your chin to put a smile on your face. These Buttercup Pearl earrings are made from paper flower petals matched with vintage canary yellow pearls.

Reminder, all earrings are 25% off today!

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