Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sunday, Bloody Sunday!

Pleasant days and pleasant nights sye, greetings from my pretend world of splendid melancholy and of course who cannot forget tragedy. I am into the finer things in life like jumping on the bed and jelly bellies, but it seems I've turned the corner and my world has become somber and mysterious, filled with vampires and black noir that lores me in with but a kiss. 

It is an enraptured world with vampires and dark stories, truly I've been inspired lately with Edward and my boy Bill from True Blood. So of course these handsome dark beasts must tempt me and they've seemed to snuck their way into my art, so with much adieu I present my newest painting from my Sweet Heart Collection

A Killer Queen is on the loose, she sits on her throne after her midnight seduction! This temptress of the night is framed in blood and has a odd look pouring from her blue eyes with a slight calm pout, to match her blood stained pearls. This petite vamp is comes in a metal frame with glass, she is a perfect delight to hang above the fire place perhaps. She is now available at Red Heart 13 and awaiting courtship to whom shall have her.