Thursday, July 30, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS: Odd & Wonderful

Hello! Many new pieces roaming around Red Heart 13 this week, I have been very productive! Last night I spent some time creating while my legs and tush rested (squats are killer), I can't wait for tomorrow night, going to spend more time in my art studio painting and perhaps some other naughty things.

This week in the new arrivals section: 3 new necklaces | 5 pairs of new earrings
In the next few days, more jewelry, stay tuned for: 5 necklaces | 2 pairs of earrings

~ 1) The Keeper Skeleton Keys: to be worn fiercely and strong, for you are the keeper to your life, the keeper of dark desires and prominent decisions.

~2) In a world of madness, we all look to one person to complete us, this Hearts Intertwined Necklace is a token of that love we all seek.

~ 3) Dramatic vintage briolette earrings are filled with dark splotches resembling ink, they remind me of Lucid Love Letters!

~ 4) Ashes to Ashes earrings: vintage brass and beaded delights remind me of ancient urns of Egypt, holding eternal ashes of the dead.

This rare British escutcheon stands in solitude depicting both the lion and the unicorn, who had long been thought to be deadly enemies: both regarded as king of the beasts, while the unicorn rules through harmony. It came to symbolize a reconciliation between the Scottish unicorn and the English lion that the two should share the rule. 

This necklace is truly one of a kind and holds beautiful detailing that only a rare piece can bring, it hangs with a mother of pearl pendant matched with three unique gold chains.


Pearls and Poisons said...

I am in utter awe.
I can't wait to purchase one of your creations!

Pearls and Poisons said...

I am in utter awe.
I can't wait to purchase one of your beautiful creations!