Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS: Chandelier Craze

My adventure in treasure hunting at the Fairmount Ave flea market went well this past Sunday, though I was under a time crunch I wasn't able to visit the haunted Eastern Penitentiary, but I did come away with some wonderful buried treasure. It was a lovely time and my companion was my good friend from high school, our outing was long over due. 

We both came away with some Victorian photographs and she coveted some vintage ephemera including paper Valentine cards and a rare autograph journal from a grade school student. I also found some lovely pendants, though the popular find of the day were glass chandelier crystals. I came away with an array of colors including, clear, pearlized, emerald and amber. Below are some lovely new arrivals that included my chandelier craze.

~ 1) Emerald Rock City Earrings: sleek and textured are mixed together to present truly a badass statement with amazing emerald color.

~ 2) Sleepy Hollow Chandelier Earrings: these delicious nostalgic darlings remind me of writing love letters by candle light. They are perfect for autumn and match an orange glow with darkness.

~ 3) Stitches and Sweetness Earrings: handmade stitched roses are matched with sparkling clear chandelier drops ready for a romantic affair.

~ 4) Crystal Trellis Necklace: vintage elegance matched with a fairy tale embellishment, a strand of clear crystals range from small to large and cascade down across your heart.

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