Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Things have been on the up-iddy lately and I'm really liking the results. About once a year I like to take a look at my shop overall, what can I do better and how can I improve it? For starters I have been really focusing on friendly customer service as a whole and it has been really great to see it through positive feedback and thanking my customers personally.

This past weekend I did revamp of my shop with photos and soon a spooky banner. I spent several hours Saturday and Sunday re-shooting outside and freshened it up by using a found wooden frame and a candelabra to display necklaces and earrings. I often find that revamping gives people a new look at pieces, whether be brightening colors or more detailed angles. Check out some ancient pieces I've given a new life!

~ Empire Satin Earrings: a beautiful dance between pale pink and abstract rain drops.

~ Field of Blue Skies Vintage Beaded Necklace: baby blue plastic beads matched with gold wire and a swooping chain.

~ Electric Jellyfish Earrings: a savage bold red electric jellyfish is harsh to the sting but striking to the eyes, made of lucite beads and brushed silver chain.

~ Rosary Glass Bracelet: have a little faith with these vintage glass rosary beads matched with an antiqued silver crucifix. 

~ Mossy Forrest Darlings: woodland earrings look as if they been made from nature, vintage wood textured beads are matched with moss green and brass. 

~ Royal Jellyfish Necklace: wiggly chains in gold are matched with bold colors that look as if a jellyfish floats in the sea.

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