Thursday, October 1, 2009

31 Days Part Two Zemo's Revenge

It has become a yearly tradition in the Marvel household and today we are kicking off 31 Part Two Zemo’s Revenge. In welcoming the ghoulish season here is what Bruce, my hubby had to say: 

"31 was something I started doing last year before I got on Facebook and was on Myspace constantly. I celebrate the Halloween season with my favorite and greatest genre of film. Comedies....just kidding. Horror of course. I watch at least one horror movie a day all the way up to Halloween night. Anyone who knows me and my schedule knows that is no easy feat. Last year I was only able to get to 30 because I got violently ill one day. Alcohol and food poisoning will have that effect on ya. This year will be different though. I like to think of it as a month long horror marathon and a big middle finger to cable channels like AMC, whose horror marathons consist of shit like Scream 2 and Halloween 3. Halloween 3!?!!! How and the hell is that an American Movie Classic???!! BULLSHIT! Anyway, I'll list the movie I watched that day in my status. On Halloween I'll post my entire set list along with that night's film in a new note. I'll post last year's list at the end of this note so you get the idea. There will be no repeats of last year. I'd like to get another fresh year in before I start repeating. Since the 27th is my wedding anniversary, my wife will pick the film. There will be old school and there will be new school. There will be sequels and there will be (dun dun daaaaa!!!!!) REMAKES!! I'm sorry, the correct term for pointing out the fact that Hollywood has run out of creativity is re-imagining. I would love to hear any kind of positive feedback. If you have negative feedback then please tell it to someone who cares, which isn't me. Feel free to make suggestions, but don't take it personally if I don't get to it. Gotta save some ammunition for next year. Last year's list was pretty awesome and impossible to top, but I got some good stuff this year so stay tuned."

10/1/08 Nosferatu(1922) 
10/2/08 Dracula(1931) 
10/3/08 Last man on Earth(1964)
10/4/08 bed riddin with illness. 
10/5/08 Frankenstein(1931) 
10/6/08 Interview with the Vampire(1994)
10/7/08 Phantom of the Opera(1925)
10/8/08 An American Werewolf in London(1981)
10/9/08 Horror Hotel(1960)
10/10/08 John Carpenter's The Thing(1982)
10/11/08 Mark of the Vampire(1935)
10/12/08 The Evil Dead(1981)
10/13/08 Friday the 13th(1980)
10/14/08 Night of the Living Dead(1968)
10/15/08 Dawn of the Dead(1978)
10/16/08 The Omen(2006)
10/17/08 The Wolfman(1941)
10/18/08 Them!(1954)
10/19/08 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974)
10/20/08 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde(1920)
10/21/08 House of Wax(1953)
10/22/08 Silver Bullet(1985)
10/23/08 Poltergeist(1982)
10/24/08 The Strangers(2008)
10/25/08 Horror of Dracula(1958)
10/26/08 Black Sabbath(1963)
10/27/08 Bride of Frankenstein(1935)
10/28/08 House of a 1000 Corpses(2003)
10/29/08 Psycho(1960)
10/30/08 Monster Squad(1987)
10/31/08 Halloween(1978)


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