Thursday, October 15, 2009


With things getting more hectic and boxes piling up all around my house, I'm still trying to bring new pieces to my shop before the big move, I haven't announced anything yet, trying to keep everything top secret until all the paperwork is done; but yes we found a house! 

New this week a ton of earrings for your little lobes and two vintage unique necklaces. Please enjoy! And don't forget about Free Shipping and entering the Mischief Night Giveaway Contest!

~ 1) Willamina Necklace: truly one of a kind necklace featuring the sparkle from a vintage tear drop pendant, rosary beads and a whimsical woman's wrist watch.

~ 2) Grenadine Spirit Earrings: not a perfect match but these religious cross medals go elegantly matched with silver rose beads and red cathedral beads.

~ 3) Red Hot Momma Earrings: perfect for any gal who loves red and black, a stunning combination featuring glass hearts and floral black and clear beads.

~ 4) Opal Twilight Earrings: modern simple earrings that mix both darkness and October's birthstone of milky opal glass beads on dark silver chain.

~ 5) Dalliance Time Necklace: a nostalgic memento of time and a hurry and rush to the next patient. A vintage cream enamel nurse's watch hangs from two vintage bracelet links on a long silver chain.

~ 6) REVIVED Lucid Floral Garden Earrings: dramatic vintage acrylic beads are filled with solid dark splotches that resemble ink, the beads are topped with large blue bead caps.

~ 7) Golden Rapture Earrings: delightful vintage beads of a light blue radiate gold and are topped with a floral brass bead cap.

~ 8) Blossom Jewel Earrings: a cluster of sparkling daises touched with enamel, rhinestones and golden pearls.

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