Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sweet Touches For Your Home!

A home is not a home with out a little love and splendid touches that make it personal. Being excited about my first house my favorite thing in the world is figuring out the layout of the rooms and picking out paint color. Recently I've been on the look out for curious accents to sweeten it! Check out these unique finds ready to add character to any room:

~ Bring natural history into your studio or library with these Bird Skull Drawer Pull Cabinet Knobs made in nyc by Billy Blue.

~ A charming way to dress up any window, these Door Knob Curtain Tie-Backs from Urban Outfitters, remind me of the Winchester Mystery House, a curious door knob that leads to no where!

~ A touch of eerie and a pleasant reminder of Willy Wonka, this Weathered Hand Hook from Urban Outfitters is perfect to hang anything from necklaces to scarves. 

~ Letter N Custom Moss Door Hanging Initial: a pleasant whimsical accent to welcome people into your home, perfect for a nursery or green house. I really want to get the letter M for my soon to be new home.

~ Knock knock, who's there? These whimsical iron door knockers from Anthropolgie and Urban Outfitters! A Sly Fox Doorknocker perhaps or an Owl In the Moonlight Knocker, I'd love a custom werewolf but these are just as unique.

~ A touch of steampunk and romance, this Magnifying Sconce is made of iron and can illuminate a room while adding some character, complete with a magnifying disc of smooth glass.


. c h o k l i t . said...

I keep seeing those bird skulls from Billy Blue around the interwebs, and I'm captivated every time. So GOOD! And the other picks here are excellent, too. Thanks!

Vintage by Crystal said...

Love those hand hooks! Ooohhh...and the moss letters...I've seen those on Etsy and started imagining a big mossy C on the