Thursday, November 12, 2009

An Odd & Marvelous Home

It's official I'm saying goodbye to renting and welcoming of owning our first home. With only 8 days until settlement, I thought I'd take a breather and welcome you in to view our Nexus of Time, or what I like to call our 150 year old brick townhouse filled with obsessions and collections. I'm sad to see us leave and now it looks of shambles and a mess, it was a world filled with creaking rocking chairs and enchanting immaculate faces amongst the darker side of things.

We live in a flood zone, inside a brick townhouse that is connected to five other ones, our house is quite interesting, I've never gotten the full story but I've heard that it used to be an old train station. The odd thing that makes ours a little more special, is that there are engravings of names on the front wall. About thirty signatures and writings line the brick, one including a signature from 1938, one that reads worst house and even a signature from when hurricane Floyd came through. Coming upon the front porch you are welcomed by my rocking chair collection and whimsical flea market finds all that have stories to tell. One rocking chain in particular is from the Hale Byrnes House that was built in 1750, which happens to be right down the street. I snagged it one night after they put it out for trash pick up, a little hammering and it's brand new.

Inside, it is quite comfy and each piece is placed with thought. Don't be frightened by the vintage horror posters of the Texas Chain Massacre and Michael Myers staring you down. It is a world filled with different styles that mix together, ranging from comic villains to religious saints and heros. Bruce is an advocate collector anything monster related and I am an advocate collector of religious antiques; mind you, our collections have taken over the house. My obsession and superstitions include having a crucifix in every room and all my water fonts line the wall of the staircase. I am still afraid to take some of them down by the doors until we moving day. The dining room is where my cabinet of curiosity stands tall like a miniature museum. Originally a bookcase, it now features handmade relics in apothecary bottles and frozen memories all nestled together; one including a small dried flower from my grandmother's casket. There is a glass eye that looks up at you as you investigate tiny faces and my antiquarian anatomy book collection. Ahhh, a safe home filled with tragedy and romance.

The dining room, also features religious portraits with the sacred and immaculate hearts, our Jim Shore collection and this one haunting portrait in particular. As a wedding present, our good friend Gene gave us this interesting painting of a little girl in her first communion dress. Some may ask why so creepy? Whatever you do don't take the portrait out of the frame or she will come to haunt you! I know, so lame but I was really freaked out after Gene told us that fib. For a while I had thought our house was haunted and weird things were happening and then the painting came along and I was seeing her in corners at night, so freaked out, but now I'm ok with her but I will think twice about breaking that glass.

Upstairs features my studio, where many of my antique religious statues are kept and also vintage cabinet cards of infants, I adore them so and admire them as little angels watching over me while I work. The top floor is quite strange and badass all in one, you can admire a huge statue of Bela Lugosi's head as Dracula and also be reminded of childhood with a Skeletor statue. There is also a weird tiny room with a built in seat and window, very odd. One of my favorite rooms in the house is the bathroom, it is small yes but features my favorite portrait of a young woman holding cherry blossoms. I am just amazed at her beauty and she almost looks as if she is in a deep sleep. I've always thought of getting her tattooed on my body, but I know it will never looks as immaculate, so I will keep her frozen in time.

I find it very funny how Bruce and I's styles meet, I still haven't quite figured out all the styles he hates, but I did just find out that he hates brown other than wood. It was def fun when we visited the furniture store the other day, he has lovely taste and am looking forward to our new home together and making it our own.

You can view more images of my home at MY FLICKR, stay tuned for an upcoming blog that will feature pictures of our new house.

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. c h o k l i t . said...

So fun to get a peek inside your home! Hope the new one fills up with wonderful stories soon...

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