Monday, November 9, 2009

Shhhweeet Supplies: 2

Ahhh…finally rest and time to create. A little calm before the storm I suppose, the big move hopefully is happening in eleven days. I got my butt in gear yesterday and I spent a lovely day at my pop's  house while creating new pieces after a long couple of weeks. I also have been ordering some new supplies and thought I'd share a little treat as to what will be coming in the next month or so, along with unpacking.

10 NEW ARRIVALS coming later this evening:
7 pairs of earrings
3 necklaces: one including a vintage magnifying glass and also one with an antique key escutcheon

Supplies Left to Right: Petite Keyholes, red bubbly beads that remind me of a mad scientist, genuine Indian coins, brass double sided arrow heads, 2 glass vials ready for relics, vintage russian escutcheon, delicious beads in blackberry and also raspberry, a variety of ink nibs and dead sea bubbly beads.

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