Monday, December 7, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS with love from RH13

Well hello, it's been a while, hope you are all doing well!!!! I'm finally getting settled and things are looking up. I've been busy as always but was able to sit down last week in my new blush pink studio, to create some new jewelry. The next few weeks I will be busy with preparing my Skeleton Krew paintings for my art show come Jan 9th at the Toothless Cat Gallery at the Piazza at Schmidts (more details to come soon). 

S H O P   A N N O U N C E M E N T:
Free Shipping all through December and enjoy reduced jewelry for our end of year RED SALE.

~ The Resting Bird Relic Necklace: an ossuary of the once living, is truly tragic and quite fantastical! Miniature baby bird bones are now a specimen of interest, as they now rest inside glass and are matched with a vintage magnifying glass.

~ The Haunted Stanley Hotel Necklace ii: Check into the Stanley hotel and unlock the door to hidden spirits and eerie sounds…a vintage skeleton key and silver number plate are companions, knotted brass chain carry these dark mementos of the past.

~ Flourish Sacred Heart Necklace: truly immaculate; this necklace is a bold statement of love and devotion. Let this flaming heart shine with divine light.

~ In the Name of the Father Talisman Necklace: a companion made of authentic monastery keys and religious medals that hang in solitude. Truly meant for the traveler, it is a strong talisman into worlds unknown, let these relics be a protector of your soul.

~ Black Thorn Earrings: with but a prick of a thorn, these darling black matte earrings give a mysterious look and super lightweight, you won't even know your wearing them.

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Evil Lily said...

Beautiful work, as always!