Friday, December 18, 2009


You've all must of thought I've dropped off the face of the earth, well I was just in hiding busy with orders and custom pieces and painting, not only my house but new faces. I'm really looking forward to the week after Christmas when I have off for a whole week; I will sit in my robe and wander in my own thoughts, make new jewelry and complete twin portrait paintings, oh it will be glorious. I will also be on a man hunt for odd frames and things to showcase some paintings. In the meantime, I've been busy with some new arrivals this week and hope you enjoy!

~ 1) Tragic Romance Dagger Earrings: an ode to a tragic death; much of my work is often drawn from tragic love stories, such as R&J and Venus & Adonis. These daggers are a weapon of choice and feature lovely red crystals, perhaps blood from a love lost.

~ 2) Fools In Love Heart and Key Necklace: a nostalgic necklace as a reminder of past loves and future souls as one, features a small key and rhinestone heart pendant on two stranded chain.

~ 3) Majestic Memories Locket Necklace: a romantic arrangement for a nostalgic memory, whether be a friendly face or small memento of hair.

~ 4) Tiffany Sweetheart Pearl Drop Earrings: classic pearls in white are matched with the modern Tiffany blues, a perfect combination for any gala or wedding.

~ 5) Chain Gang Necklace: a chunky chain piece of hardware meant to make a bold statement! I have two more of these badass beauties so stay tuned for a similar necklace with ribbon laced throughout the chain.

~ 6) Bella Rose Mesh Necklace: a beautiful mesh rose to adorn your heart, made of tight mesh metal.

SNEAK PEAK: Soon to be returning to my shop, Black Lust earrings and Black Thorn earrings!

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