Saturday, May 30, 2009

Please VOTE for the June Giveaway Painting!

So this morning I posted a blog with the two selections for the JUNE GIVEWAY, I have been painting tonight and have finished the two portraits from my Skeleton Krew Collection. However, I am having a hard time choosing between which painting to give away as the prize, please vote or leave a comment telling me which painting you would like to see as the giveaway.

Skeleton Krew Portrait no.0022 Midnight Matilda, she was a victim of envy. Arsenic was the vice from the hands of her sister, it was the perfect crime, pouring it into her midnight tea.

Skeleton Krew Portrait no.0023 Weeping Elora, all but two years old, an angel who wept crimson tears; her innocence wrapped in the aroma of roses weeping from her soul.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

SNEAK PEEK of new painting from my Sweet Heart Collection, click here to view the painting at my flickr.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS: Fantasy Noir

Short and sweet today, working on designing this brochure and homepage, oh boy!

~ 1) A Crystal Dagger frozen in time, it hangs in solitude amongst chains and pearls awaiting to slay its next victim!

~ 2) A run through Strawberry Fields and you'll be wanting a delicious dessert to adorn your neck; perfect for summer and made with all vintage pieces.

~ 3) Tis a fairy tale come true, this Rapunzel Enchantment necklace is a dark love ensemble made of golden locks and touched with a vintage rose pendant.

~ 4) This gothic Phantom Amulet necklace is to be worn by a mysterious character; a true phantom of romance with killer instincts OR any doll who loves the classic cult film the Monster Squad.

The Art of Treasure Hunting!

~ Vintage enamel locket with hand painted flowers. ~ Tiffany blue enamel rhinestone brooch and script rhinestone L pendant.

I always look forward to my Saturday adventures at the flea market, my side kick Alison (from Spool) and I make our way through the crowded hillbilly dirt grounds, we are like gunslingers on a mission to find the loot. Saturday was a pretty good day, mind you I got a horrible sun burn and had to change of shoes due to the fact I was getting blisters; a little pain goes a long way when in search of buried treasure. 

The usual sellers were there, awaiting the rival street scavengers. I have a couple favs among the gang. Mike is a mix between Bobby Brown and slick salesman, a true pack rat ready for wheeling and dealing. You got the Antiques and Such lady, that doll is there every week with her husband, he sells knives and she sells vintage jewelry from the past, I managed to snag an amazing array of retro finds from the box she pulled out from her car; yes, a secret stash! Then you have the van man, we looked around and there he was with his shirt off and some hot '80s sun glasses; a black tooth grin is so welcoming. My fav character is this old man who just has the best odd & ends, I got a taxidermy raccoon's tail, three brass decanter tags, a baby doll booty and a killer toy gun and badge. I'm going to be working up a Bonnie & Cylde piece soon, bang bang!

It's just the best times down at the ol' flea market, got to love the stories too. Soon enough you will be seeing new relics and jewelry pieces popping up at Red Heart 13. I can't wait to use those decanters tags, I will be creating a new design inspired by the ever poplar Floral Nightcap necklace, stay tuned!

~ Encrusted pearl Faberge egg. ~ Vintage strand of hot red beads and a tiny strawberry pendant, you can find this juicy fruit on my Strawberry Fields Necklace. ~ Two vintage cosmetic Max Factor tubes for eye pencil refills, these will be perfect for miniature relics.

~ Antique skeleton key with original frayed ribbon; spooky! ~ Vintage royal crest badge with black and cream cabs. ~ Worn doll booty and delicate fabric flowers that surround an antique Pennsylvania Rail Road photograph of a baby boy.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shadows of the Raven Relic Necklace

Only one word, from its soul, nothing further did he utter, not a feather then he fluttered. Nevermore! A haunting ensemble and a silver raven's claw dance together; a perfect Poe tale. A silver raven's claw is matched with a glass bottle, inside holds a relic of black feathers and a tiny piece of paper that reads "Nevermore!" All hang from an aged silver chain and a lonely gothic letter in a ghostly white.

A midnight ode to the raven's call, a macabre tale of a man, omen and Lenore. Adorn your heart with this little curiosity, I call
Shadows of the Raven.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Swamp Thing!

Nothing is more rich and earthy than the green swamp lands of the south, I am often fond of the Mississippi and Louisiana swamps, filled with lounging alligators, bright green brush, even the hunted and voodoo spells. From the band The Peculiar Pretzelmen to groggy sounds that nature creates, I took inspiration and thought I'd share some favorites, inspired by the swamp lands.

From left to right, top to bottom:
~ These Oatmeal and Hunter Green Grass pillow from Alexandra Ferguson, is a perfect match for any rocking chair, just sit back and relax and take in the sounds.

~ Grassy green with a bold duo of red, this bold Duo Handbag with Wood Handles from Spongetta is so dashing, perfect for summer or fall; you will find truly bold colors from this handmade shop.

~ More stuff for the ladies at Toy Breaker, this Wind Turbine Silkscreened Scarf is truly elegant in a mossy green with a bold design, perfect for your swamp trip cruising on the air boat or taking a stroll down town.

~ Reconstructed and up-cycled from wood salvaged after Hurricane Katrina, this Hunter Green and Buttercream Frame from Second Line Frames is truly a piece of history. Frame any family portrait or you can even request a small mirror to replace the glass.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bat Attack from Get Ready Set Clutch!

Sweet and sassy, check out this killer hot red revamped clutch I just purchased from Get Ready, Set Clutch! I recently entered her giveaway contest on new ideas for new clutch designs, me being totally obsessed with horror, vamps and even Frankenstein I thought of the idea to do something with bats or even witches on her clutches. Surprisingly enough, she created a custom fire engine red clutch with a striking bold bat on the pouch just for me!

Have you stopped by Rachel's clutch shop, she is such a doll too?!!! You can find all kinds of cute designs on all different UPCYCLED clutches, purses, wallets and even handbags. 

And if your on the GO, how about one of her unique fun luggage pieces featuring designs on vintage luggage sets, train cases and even carry on bags. One cool feature from her shop Get Ready, Set, GO is that you can pick your poison on customized bags; everything from fawns, cats, sparrows, floral patterns and even a whimsy hedgehog.

Hop on by Get, Ready, Set, CLUTCH today for her TNT sale, get $3 off everything in her shop until 12 AM EST time.

From left to right:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hello Cult Followers! Have you stopped by Red Heart 13 this week? There are over 15 new arrivals, quite a bus load I've created over the past two weeks, below are four more pieces that arrived Monday night.

S H O P A N N O U N C E M E N T:
~ Today is Red Wednesday: Buy any piece of jewelry, get the 2nd 50% off!

~ June is going to an exciting month, I will be doing my first Giveaway Contest! Please click here to vote or simply check out an identical poll in the right hand column. Polling closes May 26th, so hop to it!

~ 1) A scripted letter from the from the lost diaries of the Secret Ghostwriter Necklace, wear this cute beaded necklace in the office or for your doodling affairs in the park.

~ 2) There is surely a buzz with this charming vintage Little Honeycombs Bracelet, geometric shapes are matched with a vintage rhinestone honeybee pendant.

~ 3) Who stole the honey from the Honey Jar? Darling vintage enamel flowers are matched with golden wooden beads, these petite drops have a retro feel and are just the thing to put a smile on your face!

~ 4) Just in case you have a vampire infestation in your town, keep this Vampire Repellent Rosary close to you heart and ready to strike any vamp who comes your way! This OOAK necklace is made from a holy water relic, solid silver bat pendant, rosary beads and religious medals. For those of you who are believers, this necklace is truly a relic of the undead!

Vote for the June GIVEAWAY from Red Heart 13!

June is going to be an exciting month, I will be doing my first Red Heart 13 GIVEAWAY! Please vote below to choose what you would like to see as the giveaway, more details about the contest will be coming later in the month. Voting closes May 26th, so hop to it!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sneak Peeks: To All You Vamps Out There!

A little sweet and sultry, here are two sneak peeks that will be arriving tonight at 10 pm! Stop on by Red Heart 13 for these two new arrivals along with three more beauties.

Vampire Repellent Rosary

Midnight Vampress Hoops

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Aloysius the Orphan, Original Painting

A lonely boy that no one ever loved, Aloysius sits alone in his two year old mind and body. He is an odd one, born in England by a single mum, she deserted him when he came out looking like an elf and miniature too. He traveled as an orphan in a local circus, to only be put on display amongst a ravaging audience. He only knew love from the sideshow family like Mina the bearded lady and the Wolf Brothers. 

This original painting is from my Skeleton Krew Collection™. The painting is done in all black and white gouache paint on an antique Victorian photograph.

The photograph comes in a wooden gray frame with glass and has lovely detailing in silver. The frame is fairly old with some aging on the corners and some of the silver is wearing away. There is a hook for hanging but has some slight rusting. The painting comes signed and numbered on the back. The frame is aproximedity 4" wide x 5" high. The live painted area is 3" w x 4" h.

You can now take home Aloysius the Orphan, he is featured at Red Heart 13! Won't you give him a home??!!! This portrait would go great in any cabinet of curiosities or can even be hung with your original art collection.


I can't wait for the weekend, starts at 6:00 pm tonight! Heading out to 
Six Flags tomorrow, so I'll be away from etsy for the day,
Friday all earrings are 25% off! 

Monday, I introduce over 20 new jewelry pieces to Red Heart 13,
stop by late Sunday evening to get first dibs on some early arrivals!
1 necklace and earrings set, 1 bracelet, 6 necklaces
9 pairs of earrings…plus new creations over the weekend
Click here to see the first round of sneak peeks!

left to right, top to bottom
China Doll ~ Iris Rose ~ Sweet Blueberry Acorns
Spicy Apple Drops ~ Spring Bassinet ~ White Chocolate and Sprinkles

below: Nestled Romance and Pearls ~ The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

From Betsy With Love

Hey All! So I decided to google myself today (NERD ALERT) and I stumbled upon a beautiful blog called From Betsy With Love. Yesterday, there was a lovely write up about my Red Heart 13 that I didn't even know about. Betsy featured some necklaces and some of my Skeleton Krew paintings and even mentioned the Red Sale.

I'm truly excited and so tickled! Won't you all take a peek?!!! Click here to view the write up!

Up and Coming SNEAK PEEKS!

Heellloo! So I've been super busy the past couple of weeks, been creating a ton of new pieces for Red Heart 13. This is the last week for the Red Sale, so after Sunday about 15 items will be leaving my shop, :( However I'm excited to bring in many new necklaces and earrings, created for the everyday doll or any gal who loves vintage unique pieces. Below are just a few new arrivals that will be in shop on Monday, stay tuned for more sneak peeks later this week.

~ 1 & 2) Poison Necklace and Earrings Set
~ 3) Black Beard's Rubies, also the ever popular design Davy Jones' Treasure will be returning later this month
~ 4) Brilliant Ash Earrings

~ 5) Key to Water World Necklace
~ 6) Golden Sunset Locket Necklace: the locket will feature a relic that you can view once opened and has a strand of vintage glass beads and pearls

Don't forget today is RED WEDNESDAY: Buy 1 piece of jewelry, get the 2nd half off!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Skeleton Krew no.022: Aloysius the Orphan

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Saturday I spent the day spring cleaning from 10 am - 9 pm and Sunday was quite pleasant, I spent several hours sitting outside painting a new painting from my Skeleton Krew Collection™. Last year, I had stumbled across a photograph of a lonely little boy, I had started painting it a while back, but stopped because it was one of those things I was rushed into. I thought I ruined the little chap, so I put him away. 

I call this little monster Aloysius the Orphan, after the first round he looked almost Damien like from the Omen, kinda like a bat boy mixed with one-eyed-willy. I did like that fact that I gave him elf boots and pointy ears, but he just needed some more attention.

Yesterday, I pulled him back out and actually had to erase away paint from all of his head, it was a slow process of adding water and slow blending away the paint. It was quite challenging because over time the paint has left purple spots that bled into the photo, I basically had to work around it and darken those areas with each layer of gouache. This time I was more adventurous and used some white paint to brighten him up and add some shadows to his fabric, face and booties. I still might fudge around some more but we will see.

Aloysius is a bit more friendly now but the sadness still remains in his eyes, which I love! He is like a lonely child that no one wants to love, poor little baby is so small too, I would say only a year old. He will be arriving at Red Heart 13 later this week, I'm in search of a frame to suit him. Won't you take him home!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Buried Treasure: Flea Market Finds

Don't you just love flea markets, I can't get enough of them! Last Saturday, I spent the morning at the Fairmount Ave flea market that surrounds the Eastern State Penitentiary, the flea market returns Sat, September 12, but there are a ton more coming up you can find here

I've been looking forward to going for the past month and went treasure hunting with my accomplice Jess and boy did I hit the jackpot! I came home a ton of vintage jewelry, plus an antique photo album with over 20 cabinet cards of one family, from the early 1800s. Below are some of the glorious finds from my adventure! These finds should be popping up in my shop within the next couple of weeks.

Top to bottom, left to right:
• Vintage pearls with rhinestone rondelles and vintage brass bird pendant and Dogwood flowers • Red glass beads with brass bead caps and two vintage silver shoe buckles with red velvet fabric
• Vintage flower brooch with glass amethyst stones
• Two antique photo buttons, one has the most amazing crackling from aging.

• An antique Pythian Sisters badge brooch, featuring the letters PLEF: Purity, Love, Equality and Fidelity. Made of sterling silver, there is an engraved name reading Jeanette Boehm and has a crown for our queendom, the scepter for our rule and the sword for wrath. There is also a beautiful smaller badge with a sun setting into the clouds, I couldn't find any of these badges with the sun symbol online, this symbol must be rarer and means the soul rising into heaven according to headstone symbols.
• Three military medals honoring a solider in shooting training, love these!

Embroidered silver rose bracelet with beautiful detailing of red roses
• Vintage snuff / pill box pendant, features red rhinestones and the back opens to reveal your poison of choice
• Vintage daisy blush compact and two baby pink thimbles
Royal flourish pendant with enamel crest

White enamel bracelet with rhinestones and cabs
Garden heart pendant with engraved flowers
• Whimsical umbrella and feather brooch

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Pleasant SUNDAY!

Sunday was a lovely day, my friend Alison from Spool Design and I ventured to the Brandywine River Museum in Chadds Ford, PA to go see the new Edward Gorey exhibit. It was quite stunning, seeing all the detail in his quirky illustrations along with humorous text that was matched with them. Later, we hit up a couple "expensive" antique stores, however I did find a couple of great finds that called my name. I found a replica of a phrenology porcelain ink well, a couple cabinet cards and an original mourning card in silver lettering on a thick black card stock, I was super excited!

In the afternoon, I spent the rest of the day at my pop's house in West Grove, PA and organized and shot all my new finds from the flea market on Saturday. I originally thought it would take one hour to shoot but it took two hours, because with me I always get off the track. I began randomly photographing things around me, I decided to carry my grandmother's old embroidered chair into the wilderness and around the property. I carried it downstairs, down a hill and into a field to where this bright pink cherry blossom tree grows; I even ruined my vintage favorite suede boots, from all the wet grass. I used my mother's broken baby doll as a subject and even took some pics of myself for fun. It was all shits and giggles, until I had to carry the chair, the doll and my camera back the up the hill, up the stairs and in the door. However, I had a blast and it is funny how time flies when you are having fun!

Beauty Behind the Walls

"NEVER LEAVE", this photo turned out quite eerie, I love to take pictures without looking in the view finder, never knowing how things will turn out. I was haunted by the contrast and how desolate the prison really looked.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This past weekend I ventured to Philadelphia with my friend Jessica, many adventures during our day we spent at the Fairmount Ave Flea Market. My side kick and I walked the treasure filled streets that surrounded the Eastern State Penitentiary. I found so many vintage finds, we spilt a popcorn cupcake from this little coffee shop called Mugshot Coffee Shop and took a tour of the prison. I had quite an amazing time, despite almost getting us lost on the way, hooray hoorah for good friends and good times.

The Eastern State Penitentiary was open from 1829-1971, it was the first to establish a policy of solitary confinement and also held such criminals such as bank robber Willies Sutton and the famous Al Capone. It was the largest and most expensive ever constructed and quickly became a model for more than 300 prisons around the world.

I've always wanted to go to the prison for its hauntings and because I love creepy beat down places, so I drug Jess with me and spent a good hour walking the cellblocks. The place was so amazing and some areas were very eerie. I was so happy I brought my camera because there was so much detail to capture and I even got to sit on an old metal frame bed in a cell. I want to go back very soon, for a paranormal ghost hunt and even take some more friends. 

You can find more photos at my FLICKR!
Also you should check out the 360 view of the prison floor plan.

"PUNISHMENT", the outside of the high stone walls were lined with bright green ivory, moss and a single nail that was pounded into a crack. Just beautiful symbolism I thought.

"VEINS", I found this dead brush growing above the prison walls near famous cell #13. It reminded me of the once living lonely sinful prisoners.

"AT HOME", this was Al Capone's cell, he spent one year the penitentiary years before his mischief got him locked up in Alcatraz. He must of felt right at home due to his lavish cell.