Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Heart Story…

I surely believe in fate, some how it brings people together for the right reasons. Yesterday, I received an email from a young woman named Rachel who had wrote to tell how much she loved this particular Flourish Sacred Heart necklace and the story behind it. Later I found out her story, she has heart failure and will soon have surgery to correct it. She has always been drawn to anything in the shape of a heart, at the time she was even wearing five various heart-shaped pendants. We got to talking about custom necklace for her, and I had the perfect answer for her: Tin Man's Heart, for it truly fits her heart story.

It is quite a mystery to me, the body is a fascinating machine, muscles and organs working in rhythm like cogs of a clock. The idea of the heart beating perpetually is but a dream, man is mortal, with but a single thump stopping our body would cease. We are but fragile creatures, never knowing when death will become our companion.

After such eerie words said; I am truly thrilled to be creating the Tin Man's Heart for her. I was interested to find out that hearts are truly significant to her as well as healing stones such as lepidolite, rose quartz and tourmaline. Lepidolite actually aids muscles, improves circulation, helps balance mood due to the high lithium content and helps to express ones inner light and joy. I am eager to find out more about such healing stones/materials and look forward to sharing the creation process, for her story has really struck my soul. I am honored to create such a necklace for a woman who is in search of a healing heart herself; truly fate has brought us together.

TOP IMAGE: Custom / Commission Original 5x7 - Star Map Heart by artist Shannon Rankin of Selflesh.
Self  |  One's own person as distinct from all others.
Flesh  |  The body as distinct from the soul.
Her work combines the connections among geography, anatomy and botany, by combining the visual elements of maps, anatomical illustrations and natural forms to explore themes of travel, healing and time.

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