Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Years Hello

Hello my friends, it has been a while, I'm back after my hiding. Towards the end of December I was preparing for the Femme Noir art show this month at the Toothless Cat. Things have been more wonderful than I could ever have imagined and I've met so many talented artists that have opened doors for me. Tis the new year filled with magic and happiness. While taking a breather from painting, I've been extremely busy with creating new pieces for my shop and also for the 1st time will soon be offering Skeleton Krew prints, along with new paintings.

My little shop is sort of under construction and in the works of preparing for spring. I've been exploring new backgrounds and objects to shoot on, it still isn't just right but over the past couple of weeks I've introduced about 20 new arrivals and still in the process of listing five more this weekend. Below are just a few that are new this week, for more please check out the new arrivals section.

~ Tusk Earrings are quite elegant mixed with an exotic disposition. Made of plastic  and topped with silver, the tusks are matched with vintage cream faux flat beads.

~ Arteries Stone Bracelet: darkened chain is matched with two truly stunning pale translucent stones with amazing mauve crackles that remind me of splendid flowing arteries of the body.

~ Black Lust Earrings: darkness with a companion of elegance, originally designed in 2008, these black beauties are back with vengeance.

~ Willow Tree Earrings: the willow has always been known as a tree of dreaming and enchantment, the dangling chains reminds me of the organic form of the willow.

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