Friday, February 12, 2010

heART Show presented by Jinxed & The Toothless Cat

Tomorrow is the group heART show presented by Jinxed & The Toothless Cat Gallery, this year features handmade hearts from an impressive line-up of artists, this year promises to bring you all the amazingness of previous shows with the excitement of being in a new location within the Piazza. The heART show is Saturday, February 13th from 6-????. 
Each artist is given a blank wooden heart to create a one of a kind piece of artwork for your valentine. This is my first year doing a heart! For my heart I've done hand drawings mixed with gouache on top of an aged piece of photo album paper that features gold lettering mixed with dark reds and bold inked blacks. Tonight I head down to the gallery to take down my paintings from the Femme Noir show :( and will be hand delivering my heart! {pics, prints and paintings to come to my shop} 

Please check out for the full list of artists!

Sneak peek of studio, pink walls inspired by Bloodmilk.

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jl schnabel said...

wow i want to come over and see your studio!
you missed a great night! but happy heart day!!!