Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine Sweetheart

Almost time for the special time of year, if you're like me I love spending time with my hubby, but that is everyday of the year. Valentine's Day is only two weeks away! I recently just added a new section to my shop called For Your VALENTINE, it is filled with hearts and darling things for that special someone or a sweet gift for yourself, but don't forget any piece of jewelry in shop would make a great gift.

This Valentine's Day Bruce and I are double dating with our good buds Rob and Autumn, we are hitting up the new Wolfman movie and then going to sushi at the Bamboo House. DO YOU HAVE ANY SPECIAL PLANS?

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Basht said...

that sounds like a fabulous vday. it's a sunday this year so it'll probably mean that my hubby will be playing video games and i'll be hanging out with our daughter. :)

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