Friday, June 25, 2010

I HEART: Swamp Blood

In celebration of the True Blood revival I've been coveting new finds just for the occasion. Hope you enjoy the fresh blood.

~ SEVEN MAY No.01 from Iris Schwarz, I am reminded of a woman stalked into the forrest and fog or a woman of the supernatural kind. A simple yet haunting piece of art.

~ BLACK TALON RING by Leviticus, a stunning couture spike made of gunmetal is beautifully striking.

~ SIMPLE MODERN 14K GOLD EARRINGS from Forever Haunted: simple long hand hammered earrings remind me of fangs that bite in the night.

~ BLACK LEATHER MASK OF WOLF by Teonova: much like the lycans in the new season of True Blood, you too can walk the night against the moon in this thrilling wolf…dog…fox half face mask.

~ VINTAGE FIELD SAMPLE GATHERING KIT from Ethan Ollie, such vials make perfect for sweet v.

~ AGAIN I GIVE IT NO UNCTION 8X10 PRINT from Labyrinthine Nature: a surreal haunting piece of art that will make your spine shiver. 

~ WOODPUNK AVANTE GARDE GOLD STUDDED LEATHER ANKLE BOOTS: badass ankle boots combine renaissance flats with comfortable 80s flare, by Two String Jane.


ethanollie said...

i love this! so cool. thanks for having me

labyrinthine said...

A lovely little collection~

Thank you!