Tuesday, June 15, 2010

War Ensembles

War alters our lives, from our family to our history being made from world order, bullet shells and funerals. I have a new obsession, a fascination with 20th wars, it first started with war films about Vietnam, I've moved onto documentaries expanding my knowledge about the Battle of Mogadishu, WWII and the Ho Chi Minh trail amongst others. I am drawn to the art of war, the technical fighting machines of battle, the harrowing journeys, vivid portraits of a solider and how war dramatically altered their lives. Personally stories of brothers who made the sacrifices. Sometimes these events so massive, catastrophic and complex; my heart cannot comprehend what was gained for who we lost.
Photo: Saipan, 1944

A story comes with each footstep, and an object carries forth a piece of history. This is the one of the objectives within my own art, a story to tell and a sensation of mystery. Much like trench art during both World Wars and even the Civil War, metal casings from bullets and mortar shells became pieces of art, many were sent home to loved ones in honor of their support. In the same sense, I have been creating my own war ensembles, military inspired jewelry that reap my fascination to such personal stories of war and their history.

~ Leadership Militant Unisex WWII Whistle Necklace: created from USA made WWII whistle and brass nautical star.

~ The Golden Army Knife Necklace: made with vintage engraved pocket knife with Coldstream military cap emblem on gold chain.

~ United We Stand Eagle Unisex Necklace: made from vintage American bald eagle pendant on thick gold chain. (To be worn with pride.)

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beryl said...

Absolutely enthralling- I love your new collection.