Friday, September 17, 2010

Halloween Arrivals

We are all gearing up for the bestest holiday ever, HALLOWEENY! I am a October baby, the 30th actually so anything dark, dreary and spooky I'm all about. It's been a while since I've announced pieces on the blog so I thought I'd share some Halloween inspired jewelry.

~1) Sacrifice Long Dagger Golden Earrings, tiny weapons of tragedy made to make a statement. Shorter Miniature Dagger Earrings also available.

~ 2) The Vampire Lestat Blood Red Drops are back and ready to be matched with the palest skin.

~ 3) Glowing Jack O Lanterns burning bright welcome All Hallows Eve.

~ 4) Of ghosts and murders, Lizzy Borden Axe Earrings are the evidence in the hatchet murders of 1892.

~ 5) Season creepings with a welcome of the Harvest Moon. A Handmade Leather Black Bat Necklace is simple and soft against the skin, bringing a dark flutter of the spookiest time of year.

~ 6) Vampires have been a fascination during my years as a goth chick and now into my womanhood, I still imagine being kissed by one. Perhaps these Nosferatu Fangs will be a little more endearing, made with mother of pearl and vintage Venetian glass beads.

~ 7) Frozen in time, is the Dracula Reliquary, displaying my favorite dark quote from the film and tiny relics all under a glass dome.

~ 8) The Phantom Amulet Coffin Necklace is truly a marvelous darkened dream, this gothic ensemble was inspired by the cult classic Monster Squad.

SOON TO COME: web chained necklaces and RH13 photos from the Brandywine Festival of the Arts!

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