Friday, September 24, 2010


My hands have been dancing with many vintage pieces that I collected up over the weekend; my eyes were thrilled to spot many military pieces including medals, bullets/bullet pens and chevrons from the Army and Air Force, more to come soon on those. Silly sidenote: I was in the grocery store yesterday and you know how I love war documentaries and films, I saw this movie off the $3 shelf, called Straight Into Darkness with this cheesy cover with WWII soldiers with skull faces, anyone ever seen it? I think I might netflix it.

I've secretly been creating and stocking up like a squirrel for winter, for a sweet surprise in early October.


~ 1) Secret Pill Box Necklace: helps relieves headaches and is the perfect accessory; hide your keys, change or any miniature relic inside.

~ 2) NEW WAR ENSEMBLE WWII Sterling USN Anchor Necklace: wear this memorial necklace as a relic of the freedom of the seas and the sailors of the sea.

~ 3) Broken Monarch Wing Specimen Necklace: a relic of the once living is truly scientific and quite fantastic. More Specimen necklaces coming soon.

~ 4) Be Pretty Tied Up in this Leather Bow Necklace with tiny heart locket for miniature keepsakes.

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Corvid Delights said...

All these new items are wonderful. I can't wait to see what new surprises you will unveil in October