Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meet Rupert ~ Skeleton Krew Update


Rupert, born with the werewolf syndrome, he was alone as a child and as a man. He traveled the countryside jumping trains all his life. He had a heart of gold and his long hairy beard was filled with tiny trinkets he'd collect from his travels, each one caressed with a memory of his life.

Rupert, was a recent commission for a client from Smith Mason Legacies in Louisiana, they loved Nigel so much I did a brother of his perhaps. Stayed tuned for prints of Rupert in my shop soon after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Dec 4th | Wilmington, DE | 9:00 pm

Been painting by the daylight more and more, I predict late nights in the near future. I'm gearing up for the "Nightmare Before Christmas" party that has been two years in the making at the Opera DE Studios, featuring dark and deary fun and some amazing local artists including one of my fav's Kristen Margiotta, she just created a custom painting of Danzig for my husband Bruce, pics soon!

My new muses are portrayed with strange masks covering their eyes and ladies painted with blackened hearts, a couple are wearing medieval armor matched with the elegance of Victorian masquerade costumes and splashes of pink rouge. And of course I always am attracted to the supernatural, in the works is a painted boy as a ghost, think more along the lines of Victorian halloween cards. I'm hoping soon to have pics to share with you all. Hope you all can come out and make it!

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