Friday, December 3, 2010

Skeleton Krew is BACK

~ Psychic Eyes, Skeleton Krew no.045

Lately I've been exploring the theme of the soul within. By using masks and covering the eyes we then rely on the inner being to guide us through life. When our hearts bleed I feel as if we build invisible armor protecting ourselves from the vultures of the world.

Beyond the physical world, I question where the barriers are to the spiritual world. I'm very fascinated by mediums and their ability to tune into dimensions unknown. However, recently I've personally been questioning whether I should know those answers or if it is something that is revealed when physical vessel dies. This secret is very sacred to me, I am often afraid to know the truth or if there is anything at all. Just as Peter Pan says "To die would be an awfully big adventure". Man kind will always want to know the unanswered and things of the unknown and curious. It is often those things that inspire us deeply.

~ Blind Love, Skeleton Krew no.043

~ Armor for the Broken Hearts, Skeleton Krew no.042

Just a few new Skeleton Krew paintings that are up this weekend for Wilmington Art Loop at Opera DE Studios. After this weekend, these paintings will be available at Red Heart 13.

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