Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And the WINNERS Are…

Thank you to everyone who entered the December Giveaway, I truly appreciate all the support, I'm really looking forward to 2011!

Two winners were chose randomly out of on old bell jar early in the a.m. Dec18th, I present the two winners:

1st Mariem Meirer
Winner receives a custom piece jewelry or a custom small original painting from my Skeleton Krew Collection.

2nd Leslie Austin
Winner received a $30 gift certificate to my shop, she already picked out a couple pairs of earrings :)


Monday, December 13, 2010

Dennis McNett Opening Dec 16th in NYC

One of my old professors from Pratt Institute, Dennis McNett is preparing for his show Reaping Waves, Vital Vessels, and the Passing of the Wolfbats opening Dec 16th at NYC's Joshua Liner Gallery. If you're in the area def check out his amazing carvings. The show will be part art parade and a procession to the gallery that includes an enormous carved Viking ship with shamans, wolfbats and battleaxes.

You can read more about the show HERE and view more of his work HERE.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Enter the RH13 December Giveaway CONTEST

It's that time of year again, a good bye to 2010 and a a time of FREE GIVEAWAYS and when I like to send out a big THANK YOU! Today is the start of the December Giveaway Contest, don't forget to enter, there will be two opportunities to win.

Wednesday, December 8th ~ Friday, December 17th
The giveaway contest is simple, show some love by:
~ Tell us your favorite item in my shop and why you love it!
~ Leave your name and contact email address or etsy shop.

Drop a line via this blog or Facebook Fan Page.

Two winners will be chosen randomly and will be announced late in the evening December 17th. So what are the prizes you ask…

~ 1st Place Winner: we will work together to make a custom piece of jewelry OR custom Skeleton Krew original painting.

~ 2nd Place Winner: will receive a $30 gift certificate to Red Heart 13.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Skeleton Krew is BACK

~ Psychic Eyes, Skeleton Krew no.045

Lately I've been exploring the theme of the soul within. By using masks and covering the eyes we then rely on the inner being to guide us through life. When our hearts bleed I feel as if we build invisible armor protecting ourselves from the vultures of the world.

Beyond the physical world, I question where the barriers are to the spiritual world. I'm very fascinated by mediums and their ability to tune into dimensions unknown. However, recently I've personally been questioning whether I should know those answers or if it is something that is revealed when physical vessel dies. This secret is very sacred to me, I am often afraid to know the truth or if there is anything at all. Just as Peter Pan says "To die would be an awfully big adventure". Man kind will always want to know the unanswered and things of the unknown and curious. It is often those things that inspire us deeply.

~ Blind Love, Skeleton Krew no.043

~ Armor for the Broken Hearts, Skeleton Krew no.042

Just a few new Skeleton Krew paintings that are up this weekend for Wilmington Art Loop at Opera DE Studios. After this weekend, these paintings will be available at Red Heart 13.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

TEA TIME for the collectors.

Photo by Acido celebrates my obsession with rabbits!

Visiting antique stores and flea markets I always see vintage plates, saucers and tea cups; many in which just get left on the shelf. I've always wanted to showcase my haunted Skeleton Krew paintings on such flowering designs I think it would be a lovely odd combination; something I'm adding to my to do list of experiments for 2011! I've been collecting vintage pieces for sometime now and have just added some new pieces to my radar! Check out these amazing pieces of art and jewelry for all who love tea parties!

~ The Seven Deadly Sins have looked this lovely in years! Check out Trixie Delicious for a whole plateful of art.

~ A new twist on your grandmother's teacups. These Bone China Teacup Bracelet's by Stay Gold Mary Rose are super sassy, you can even turn your favorite teacup into a custom bracelet.

~ For sweet cupcakes and scones how about this darling saucer featuring the most adorable shy bunny, check out all her friends from The Story Book Bunny.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The HeART of Paper Cutting

The other day I stumbled up on a wonderful blog dedicated to the magic art of paper cutting, you will find all you need to know with wonderful links, books and the wondorous art of Elsita. I'm truly amazed at the detailed technique each creation holds, in celebration I've collected some of my favorite talented artists, please check them out!

~ Original Art by Elsita

~ Original Art by Paper Cut Die Cut

~ Original Art by Dreeuws Papercuttings

~ Original art and paper dolls by Wool & Water