Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BlackHand Marks You

Much like the mafia marks you for death, BlackHand marks you for rock 'n roll! This upcoming local band from Newark, DE is made of five rebels with attitudes that deliver a mixture of metal, evil & blues. Formed in early 2010 in a small backyard garage, original songs have birthed from the ground up with vocal delivery and epic doom gloom gut wrenching metal and fury. Get into a groove with originals like Army From the Void and Hell's Henchmen, which celebrate the madness of Armageddon, and their original Dance of the Undead tells the tale of a great escape from vampires. Their shows explode with intense energy and while there at it get kicked in the ass with some Misfits and Danzig covers too. They've shared the stage with some of my new fav east coast bands like Altar of Dagon, Von Kull, The Claw and Thy Will Be Done. Catch them around your town and keep posted on their facebook fanpage for their upcoming album, they hit the indie recording studio, Cephlopod Records in April.

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