Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Death Coast

I'm loving the amazing featured seller on etsy this week, the work of Jolby warms my heart, hands have wrapped love into each piece by charming characters, a hint of humor and beautiful type.

Most of all I'm drawn to the dark memorial of the vast sea featured in the Death Coast print,
the Costa de Morte or the Death Coast is known for its doom of shipwrecks along it's rocky shore while being trapped in by the Atlantic Ocean. It reminds me of my fear of drowning and the theme of the unknown and the abyss; often unto which sailors and explorers felt as they looked into the darkened seas searching for the hope of light coming onto the horizon.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mystical Rapture

My mind keeps turning, even at night when I lay in bed, my pockets are filled with stress I need to become enraptured with peace very soon. The work of Jessica Lucas calls to me, yet cold to the outside it holds deep meaning and things are unexplained with a blank mist that surrounds each subject. I'm especially drawn to her limited edition print 7 of a girl levitating over a bed, half of me relates to being possessed by the world and its madness. The other half of me; in which my soul longs for is endless tranquility, I want to be like this girl in a state of trance to become numb to the outside world only for moment if possible. Let the ravenous beasts march around me in their suits with guns as I have my divine intervention.

Monday, March 7, 2011

March Medical Madness - I HEART

It is that time of year, the time for the glorious look into anatomy, this March is the 5th annual celebration of March Medical Madness. I would like to start things off with some curious finds that reflect my interest with the human body.

~ Conjoined Teeth Ring: quite a odd and lovely combination between relics of the body and hand crafted metal-smithing, I love the fact that the teeth have all been donated. Maybe one day I will find my baby teeth and get it memorialized into a ring or necklace. This particular ring fascinated me because I often have dreams where my teeth fall out.

~ An anatomically correct Heart in a Jar, I must acquire this for my doll-house to go along with my box of bones, it is quite magically that it floats in the center with such ease; a perfect adornment for a lover.

~ A Chalkboard Skull comes in jet black is ready for doodles and quick ideas that are on the brain. "She" comes life size too!