Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Speaking In Tongues Group Art Show Recap

Together as one, many artists grounded the walls of Black Vulture Gallery in Philly for the "Speaking in Tongues" group art show. Curated by Buddy Nestor, the paintings hung in strange melancholy and also each stand on their own. I was truly honored to be a part of the group art show and created a new painting called the Oracle, seen above.

The night started with myself and fellow artist Kristen Margiotta, we traveled up from Delaware knowing the night would be an adventure, it sure was, first I missed the exit and ended up traveling up South street, we finally made it to Fishtown in one piece and were invited by a mob of people filled within the walls of obscurity. The environment was thrilling, live painting to the thrashing metal of Decap Attak, I had many favorites of the night, including Ewelina Ferruso's "The Return" and Zac Shiffer's "Reflections From Far Away."

You can check out more about the show over at Hi-Fructose Magazine, with this little preview of the show, but def make some plans to see this lovely dark show in person.

Bottom two photos by artist Cassie Kazilla Williams who shot myself and Kristen in front of her beautiful painting.


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Blood Milk said...

so sad i missed it!!!

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