Thursday, November 22, 2012

4 DAY SALE at Red Heart 13

Starting at midnight on Black Friday is our four day holiday sale! 
Get 25% OFF your purchase when you shop at Red Heart 13 applies to jewelry or Skeleton Krew prints. 
Use Coupon code RADICAL when you checkout to get this discount.

Sale ends Cyber Monday at midnight.
Keep your eyes peeled for new arrivals coming throughout the weekend.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Forest Witch Experimental Photoshoot

MASK: Taken with Nikon D80 SLR, edited with Photoshop.
Sunday I ventured up to my dad's house in West Grove, PA. I spend most of my hours there making jewelry or catching up on some paranormal shows. This November day was really warm and the sun was striking, I had plans to do a photo shoot for a while with the remaining pieces of my Halloween costume, which was 70s horror actress Linda Hayden as Angel Blake from Blood on Satan's Claw. The film is set in 17th century England and tells the tale of a village being taken over by demonic possession. Inspired by the scenery, witchcraft, spells and '70s music I collected my costume, cameras and animal skulls from my backyard and got in the car to take the 20min drive.

After 2pm I spent a good two hours in the woods, I wore my white sheet and my hand-made crown of flowers like in the film, I ditched my blonde wig because those store bought wigs are always the worst. I snuck over to the neighbors property in which I used to go when I was a kid, there is a farm with goats and in the middle is an open green area surrounded by a small mountain side with trees and dark jagged rocks. As a child I used to challenge myself to climb it then go for walks exploring. I returned to the pit as I call it, and did some shooting on the stone altar that stands in the center. I was there a few months back and had discovered a circle with remaining ash and animal bone. Animal sacrifice maybe? I returned to the pit, with some of my animal skulls from my backyard garden. Most had been given to me by friends over the years and have the perfect decay and have been eaten away by the elements; thought they'd be interested organic pieces to include in photos.

The stone altar has been there more than 30 years. Instagram.

Remains of ash and bone. Photo taken with Instagram.
Close up of animal remains? Photo taken with Instragram.

The whole time I was experimenting, especially since I was alone I had to figure out how to take photos of myself without a tripod. I used the surrounding tree branches and rocks to hold my camera in place, then I would set a timer. As you can imagine I have many photos figuring out placement and where to stand, that's part of the fun. I brought along my iPhone using the Camera+ app and also my Nikon D80 SLR Digital Camera. Photos were edited with Camera+ and photoshop with the ones from the Nikon. 

POSSESSION: Camera+ with timer.
ALTAR: I placed the skulls in the center inside the circle. Camera+.
SPIRITS: Photo taken with Camera+ with timer.
SHADOW OF THE BEAST: Nikon D80, edited with Photoshop.
HOLY: Camera+
POISON: Camera+
WANDERER: Nikon D80 with timer
PAGAN WITCH: Camera+ with timer

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NEW ARRIVALS at Red Heart 13

I had vacation a few weeks ago and I sure was busy with antiquing and flea marketing. But I did spend a good whole few days creating new jewelry. I feel like its been months since I've had some free time. Spending those hours working with my hands was really calming and got me motivated again. 

N E W  A R R I V A L S:

Resurrection Pyrite Pendulum Glass Tube Earrings: beautiful electric color matched with healing properties.

There is fungus, among us! Happy fungus inside these tiny Weird Science Laboratory Bottle Necklace.

A primitive Red and Black Obsidian Arrowhead Necklace reminds me of tribes hunting, a fierce necklace for the wild in all of us.

Life is all in the Eye of the Beholder as in this vintage assembled necklace made with the tiniest hand held mirror matched with a vintage lucite enchanted pink flower lined with a hint of sparkle.

By the twilight, one can se the dustings from fairies, such stories seem to have come true with these Pixie Dust Glass Marble Earrings.

The Scorpio Golden Orb Garnet and Amethyst Zodiac necklace is an insight to the special qualities us as Scorpios possess. 

The Spell Bound Book Locket and Double Crystal Necklace symbolizes mystery and magic. Of spells and spirits from other dimensions, the belief is often hidden from the living, every now and then we see glimmers of what is from the netherworld; it is those secrets that often inspires us.

Whisper through the winds floating across on these Vintage Nautical Sail Boat Earrings

Please stop by my shop to see the new comers and be sure to check back for more pieces for the holiday season. See something you like but want to reserve, when putting on reserve be sure to ask for layaway as well. Contact me for details. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Weekend In Pics

Walking past fields was very calming.

Sparklers bringing me to my younger years.
It was a scorcher Saturday, thank heavens for D&D. 
The love of my life.

Bellevue State Park, the waters reminded me of the south.

On the Brandywine tubing with friends.

Photo shoot of new jewelry, ME very excited.

Monday, July 2, 2012

2012 Projects Complete

Hello Friends!!! I'm back. The beginning of 2012 until now has been crazy, been doing freelance design project along with my full time design job at Caspari McCormick. I went to Mexico which was super fun, there were eight of us celebrating turning 30. My husband's band BlackHand just had the release of their first album "And the Devil Rode Forth" which I design the artwork and logo of course, I'm also working on two new shirts which should be out soon. You can download the their album HERE.

June wrapped up a two year project with tattoo artists Jason Goldberg and Jay Cooper. The book "Return Me to Water" was finally printed and looks killer. I collaborated with them and designed the 100 page sea monster related book with their paintings, flash art, photographs and writings. The book turned out super awesome and was printed in the USA by Signature Book Printing. You can purchase a copy of the book HERE.

I have also been working on myself! Since January I've lost 30lbs and 22inches. My portfolio website in the works, building myself which is taking some time but will be cool once finished. VISIT my site

2012 is continuing to be a pretty sweet year, can't wait to share more. I've missed you all.

Monday, March 12, 2012

March Medical Madness - BLOODS

A vampires dream. I'm seduced by the blood portraits from London photographer John Ross. The 'Bloods' series breathes new life for my love of anatomy. These are just to die for.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

“This is one of the miracles of love: It gives a power of seeing through its own enchantments and yet not being disenchanted.” –C.S. Lewis. Drooling over another yummy piece by Vinicius Costa.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Illusionist

I am madly drawn to this floating fabric series by Vinicius Costa, I'm swept into another dimension as if a magic was happening before my eyes, a magician pulling away his scarf in slow motion, or the pendulum that puts me into a trance of each jaw-dropping crafted world.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Melt With Me

Melt. Relax. Let it go. I sink into my flesh, melting away at the visual explosions of artist and creative director
Leif Podhajsky who explores the relevance of nature and the psychedelic experience. I find myself getting lost in each piece and matching the mazes with the sounds of newly discovered Blood Ceremony, whose Sabbath like drones are fused with distinguished singer Alia O'Brien's alluring flute solos and contrasted organs.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tiny Ghost Stories

These are the places of ultimate exploration, the search for perfect haunted house and unveiling of the supernatural…Tiny Ghost Stories is the center of imagination from artist Sara L. Turner, her recent body of work consists of comics, paintings and sketches that hold the world of storytelling and ghosts. Her work comes to life and I imagine myself in each colorful world, flashlights twinkling, shivering in the cold, with whispers and shadows dancing.

~ First image: “Take a Walk with Me to the Edge.” 10" x 10" painting.

~ Second image: “Simon Says.” 4-color screenprint - "16 x 20".