Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NEW ARRIVALS at Red Heart 13

I had vacation a few weeks ago and I sure was busy with antiquing and flea marketing. But I did spend a good whole few days creating new jewelry. I feel like its been months since I've had some free time. Spending those hours working with my hands was really calming and got me motivated again. 

N E W  A R R I V A L S:

Resurrection Pyrite Pendulum Glass Tube Earrings: beautiful electric color matched with healing properties.

There is fungus, among us! Happy fungus inside these tiny Weird Science Laboratory Bottle Necklace.

A primitive Red and Black Obsidian Arrowhead Necklace reminds me of tribes hunting, a fierce necklace for the wild in all of us.

Life is all in the Eye of the Beholder as in this vintage assembled necklace made with the tiniest hand held mirror matched with a vintage lucite enchanted pink flower lined with a hint of sparkle.

By the twilight, one can se the dustings from fairies, such stories seem to have come true with these Pixie Dust Glass Marble Earrings.

The Scorpio Golden Orb Garnet and Amethyst Zodiac necklace is an insight to the special qualities us as Scorpios possess. 

The Spell Bound Book Locket and Double Crystal Necklace symbolizes mystery and magic. Of spells and spirits from other dimensions, the belief is often hidden from the living, every now and then we see glimmers of what is from the netherworld; it is those secrets that often inspires us.

Whisper through the winds floating across on these Vintage Nautical Sail Boat Earrings

Please stop by my shop to see the new comers and be sure to check back for more pieces for the holiday season. See something you like but want to reserve, when putting on reserve be sure to ask for layaway as well. Contact me for details. 

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