Thursday, July 31, 2008

Antiquarian Fore Edged Paintings

There is beauty inside of a novel, but did you know the outside edges? I've never heard of "fore-edge paintings" until I came upon a intricate photo of a antiquarian book with a detailed painting  on the page ends. This technique and art form is as old as the 10th century.

There are several types, one type is painted right on the page ends when the book is at its normal stat. A second technique is a hidden painting that can only be revealed when the pages are fanned some. 

Such paintings in it's popularity were simple floral patterns or royal seals. Later in the 18th century, the paintings became landscapes. They are still in tradition today, you can find these treasures in museums and artists like Martin Frost who has produced well over 3000 Fore-edge and Miniature Paintings for the Book Trade.

It's like finding buried treasure. The magic transformation of a bright gilded book-edge into an intricate little painting and then see it fade back into a gold grain, this beautiful discovery never fails to the delight. Here is a prime examples of this exquisite work:


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Heart Chronicles

Dear Cult Followers,

There is a new season approaching and new plans for The Red Heart Cult. We are starting a monthly newsletter called The Heart Chronicles®. It is your ticket to updated news from RHC, including featured artists from RHC Findings, new collections and the latest jewelry designs and relics from our etsy shop, Red Heart 13.

We are still in the works for developing the details, but if you would like to subscribe to it, please contact me with your email address. Our first newsletter will probably be created with a pdf so viewing should be simple to start out. Our plans for the end of the year is to develop it into an email blast if possible. We hope you look forward to next coming haunting months. 

Speaking of ghouls and witchery, I am in the creation process of my "haunting" plaques. Get ready for ghouls, bats and the macabre. The one featured below is of death and misery; it has a paper coffin that sits on a dark wooden plaque with angry trees filled with bats and blood red brush. The plaque can be hung on a wall or added to your personal cabinet of curiosities. Also stayed tuned for a collaborative plaque made from darkness created from Gregory's writing from The Method Learned. You can find the below featured plaque at 

Ghouls and Coffin Plaque ©Leila Marvel 2008.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Beauty in Nature Series 1

You can find the most delicate subjects in nature, and yet the most intricate of creatures if you look hard enough. I was out one day, skies were beautiful and the air was moist. To my divine destiny, I came upon a dead creature, a black bird with orange on it's chest. The little fellow fell right into my hands of memory.

Photobucket  Photobucket
Death Portrait 1. ©Leila Marvel, 2008.
Death Portrait 2. ©Leila Marvel, 2008.

This creature so delicate and peaceful I couldn't resist holding it and savoring the delicate moment in time before this black bird rotted away. How can something so beautiful in the concept that it once flew over the earth, going to skies above to which I can never go except in my dreams. I present to you photos from the Beauty in Nature Series, part 1: Death Portraits.

Death Portrait 3 ©Leila Marvel, 2008.

The truth to the matter is this little guy must have died and fallen from a tree, there it was laying right in front of me. Truly amazing this gift was, a silent picture, a restful moment and a glorious flight!
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