Thursday, October 30, 2008

25% Off All Earrings!

Because it is such a special day for me (my 27th birthday), I have decided to give a special discount at Red Heart 13.

Today only, get 25% off all earrings! 
Robin's Egg Drops Normally $10.50, with discount will be $7.87 
Strawberry Dessert Normally $13.50, with discount will be $10.00
Gold Lily Dew Drops Normally $8.50, with discount will be $6.25
Empire Eve Normally $14.50, with discount will be $10.75


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Arrivals for Red Wednesday!

Red Heart 13 has some new arrivals this week, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces for the everyday doll. We have some new updates for Red Heart 13 as well, yesterday we made our 300th sale goal. Our new goal for the rest of the year is to get 75 more sales before the year is up, thank you to everyone for supporting RHC. Next week Red Heart 13 will be on vacation, but I will be checking in periodically Monday and Tuesday, I'm going to Salem, MA with my hubby, I will take lots of pics for everyone. 

Today is Red Wednesday, if you stop by today and you buy one piece of jewelry you will get the 2nd half off!

These Rain Drops are Falling Earrings are made of sterling silver with light purple drops lined with metal.
This Whimsy Pearl Bow Necklace is perfect for dressing up any outfit.
It's all about sets, how about this Golden Honey Necklace and Matching Earrings Set, a warm amber color matched with gold.
The Key to Heaven Necklace is pure at heart with a touch of crackled glass.
You can't go wrong with this Classic Gold Pearl Necklace, gold pearls matched with vintage wooden beads.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The 300th Buyer!

It has finally arrived, I've almost made my goal of getting 300 sales. I am one away from my 300th sale! There is a lovely surprise in store for this lucky person who makes the 300th sale, a small token of appreciation will be sent along in their package. Could be earrings or a bracelet! It has been such a journey from my first sale in Aug of 2007 to now, last year alone only 56 sales compared to this year, a huge jump of 243 sales! My new goal for Red Heart 13 is to get at least 50 more sales during this holiday season, come on we can do it!

Here are a couple new items in shop this week, it's all about sets! Earrings with a bracelet or earrings with a matching necklace. Please stop by later this week for more new arrivals!

Venus In Love Matching Bracelet and Earrings; this lovely pretty in pink combination of pearls, crystals and sterling silver is perfect for any gal who loves looking like a doll.

Winter Wonderland Matching Necklace and Earrings; carved rose beads and a rhinestone spacer mixed with sterling silver is a beautiful winter combination. Reminds me of snow and icicles.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

31 Days of Zemo's Halloween Movie Fest

Keeping with the ghoulish season here is the latest breakdown of the 31 Days of Zemo's Halloween Movie Fest. Bruce has almost accomplished his goal of watching a movie everyday for the whole month of October. Two more days to go, saving the best horror movie for last, can you guess what it is?

The other night, we watched Silver Bullet (1985) , a classic werewolf movie with a little bit of cheesy goodness, from one liners to creepy music to brutal killings. The film chronicles how a werewolf has been killing off certain people in a small town. A young boy played by Corey Haim is wheelchair bound and discovers the identity of the werewolf. He has to convince his sister and crazy dead beat uncle, played by Gary Busey, that the werewolf will strike again when the moon is full Halloween evening. Corey Haim plays his character well as he rides up and down the streets in his souped-up wheelchair called Silver Bullet. The film is a twist on the classic werewolf film even though you will know who the wolfman is long before it is shown.

I think tonight we are going to watch Poltergeist, one of my favorites; great I'm going to be freaked out again when I go to sleep!

10/1/08 Nosferatu(1922)
10/2/08 Dracula(1931)
10/3/08 Last man on Earth(1964)
10/4/08 bed riddin with illness.
10/5/08 Frankenstein(1931)
10/6/08 Interview with the Vampire(1994)
10/7/08 Phantom of the Opera(1925)
10/8/08 An American Werewolf in London(1981)
10/9/08 Horror Hotel(1960)
10/10/08 John Carpenter's The Thing(1982)
10/11/08 Mark of the Vampire(1935)
10/12/08 The Evil Dead(1981)
10/13/08 Friday the 13th(1980)
10/14/08 Night of the Living Dead(1968)
10/15/08 Dawn of the Dead(1978)
10/16/08 The Omen(2006)
10/17/08 The Wolfman(1941)
10/18/08 Them!(1954)
10/19/08 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974)
10/20/08 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde(1920)
10/21/08 House of Wax(1953)
10/22/08 Silver Bullet (1985)
10/23/08 Poltergeist (1982)
10/24/08 The Strangers (2008)
10/25/08 Horror of Dracula (1958)
10/26/08 Black Sabbath (1963)
10/27/08 Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
10/28/08 House of 1000 Corpses (2003)
10/29/08 Psycho (1960)


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It is RED Wednesday again! Just stop by Red Heart 13 today and every Wednesday to get this special discount of buying one piece of jewelry and getting the 2nd half off. I have nine new jewelry pieces in the shop this week, including new earrings and delicious romantic necklaces. I fell in love with pink over the weekend, so you will see this color blooming in my shop.

Here are a couple new pieces:

Sweet English Rose, this lovely pink pearl bracelet has a pink carved stone in shape of a rose; perfect for any sweet heart. 

Have a Little Brandy, this vintage liquor tag has a mixture of gothic style lettering, a thick gun metal chain and clear beads with a black floral pattern.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Photographer Rachel Watson

Yesterday. All right reserved. © Rachel Watson Photography 2008.

Rachel Watson, creator of macabre delights delivers madness and dark dreams through her beautiful photography. The Red Heart Cult presents photographer Rachel Watson this month as our featured artist for October. I was immediately struck by her love affair with derelict and decrepit places, all told through the view finder. Her photos speak volumes, turning the subject into a feeling of melancholy, lost never-lands and collaborations of old world collections.

She is drawn to places such as empty factories, asylums, abandoned buildings, and corn fields. She just moved from the rural Somerset to the vibrant city of Brighton by the sea. Much of her work features the darker side of life etc. She likes to use subject matters that other people wouldn’t necessarily view as beautiful; such as derelict buildings – most people would walk past them on a daily basis not noticing or paying any attention whatsoever or viewing them as a nuisance or an eyesore. With portraiture she sometimes chooses the shots that maybe convey something a little deeper; darker and hidden, captured when the subject is relaxed or not aware of the camera , and just for a second the false “camera smile” drops and something real and profound flashes across their face.

"I suppose you could say I find beauty in the tragic and ugly places people prefer not to look or visit" says Rachel.

Inspiration comes in many forms from film, art, other photographers, music and books shes read, to past experiences, memories and even emotions. She is a a sucker for an unloved abandoned building, so she is always on the look out for one of those! She feels privileged knowing that not many others would have ventured over the threshold of such a place since its doors closed for the final time. It’s like sharing a secret with someone.

Amongst her collection of dark images she also aquires vintage items, old curiosities, old photographs, things from junk shops. "It’s an exquisite feeling to find something completely unique that has passed through many hands and has a story or a past life attached to it, usually one we’ll never know – more secrets!" She also loves found objects, things people drop or discard, beach glass, and drift wood, most things that are battered and old looking.

"I very much appreciate the aesthetic from a bygone era." Rachel mentioned she would love to visit the ghost towns of South West America – that place has a great wealth of these most of which have been abandoned and left as there were decades ago, which she finds fascinating.

Speaking of the strange and unusual, she is much drawn to the supernatural. Her parents had an extensive collection of books on the paranormal that she used to read and scare herself with as a child. She also finds cemeteries compelling places to visit, particularly the old ones that have been neglected and have fallen in to disrepair, that’s a fascination that also began in her childhood. "Some people might describe me as morbid, which could be true, but I don’t necessarily see it that way. I view it more as just appreciating and having a reverence for the aspects of life some people would prefer not to face up to." Rachel references, "the Victorians were very good at that, as they used to photograph their dead in order to cope with their loss and as a remembrance and a celebration of their life. In more modern times death is very much hushed up and hidden away, which to be honest I don’t think is very healthy or productive to the grieving process."

With her warm welcome into her world, I hope you adore her as much as I do, her sense of visual is so breathtaking. She has a fascinating twist from the bygone era, and she captures the lost worlds like a frozen moment in time. Please visit her at: Rachel Watson's myspace or her Flickr.

Into the Sweet Dark Circle. All right reserved. ©Rachel Watson Photography 2008.
A Head Full of Lighting. All right reserved. ©Rachel Watson Photography 2008.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's raining RED!

It is RED Wednesday again! Just stop by today and every Wednesday to get this special discount of buying one piece of jewelry and getting the 2nd half off. I have eight new jewelry pieces in the shop this week, plus today is the last day for my Clear Out Sale. Please check out the Clear Out Sale section in my shop to see over 12 items that have been reduced. The sale ends today and these items will be taken out of my shop tonight around 11pm.


Remember sweet Alice in her dark journey; with this gold chain with pendant and doorknob charm. Perfect for the scene where Alice sees the Drink Me bottle.
If your into fairy tales, how about this Enchanted Fairy Forrest necklace, a beautiful cluster of minty green vintage pearls matched with thin gold chain and a vintage glass rosette from a chandelier.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Tag Game

I stumbled upon this game through a friends blog, so I'd thought I'd do it and start the tagging with my friends.

Link to your tagger and list the rules
List 7 random facts about yourself
Tag 5 people
If you're tagged, play along and pass it on!

1. One of my favorite smells is when it is about to snow.
2. I have a cat named Randall Flag named after the main character in Stephen King's the Stand.
3. My favorite thing to play when I was a child was to pretend I was on a cooking show, and I'd talk to myself all the time while making mud pies and collecting plants and things to work into my mixture.
4. I secretly love hearing Shaina Twain on the radio because she gets me in a good mood, yet my favorite band of all time is Pantera.
5. I have a crucifix in every room of my house.
6. I hate being touched when I am wet when getting out of the shower. Drives me bonkers.
7. I collect Jim Shore carved statues and think about sex all the time. What a sinner I am.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


It is RED Wednesday again! Just stop by today and every Wednesday to get this special discount of buying one piece of jewelry and getting the 2nd half off. It can only be used on jewelry items but there is no limit on your purchase. Just look for our special promotional banner for the friendly reminder each week! I have some new items in the shop this week, the Pins, Thimbles and Loyalty necklace is perfect for anyone who loves sewing! Also please check out the Ode to Science necklace that has a silver plated fungi pendant, a lovely gift for any marine biologist or college student.

Photobucket Photobucket
Pins, Thimbles and Loyalty necklace is made with vintage thimble and needle pendant on silver plated chain and vintage blue porcelain beads. The Ode to Science necklace has an organic pendant that resembles fungi or coral. This necklace was featured in my art exhibit in September and is finally been listed at

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Five and Counting

10/1/08 Nosferatu(1922)
10/2/08 Dracula(1931)
10/3/08 Last man on Earth(1964)
10/4/08 Bed riddin with illness.
10/5/08 Frankenstein(1931)
10/6/08 Interview with the Vampire(1994)

Keeping with the ghoulish season here is the latest breakdown of the 31 Days of Zemo's Halloween Movie Fest. Bruce is 5 for 6, he was actually sick all day Saturday so might have to make that one up. I wasn't able to sit with Bruce so he flew solo on his quest. A little side note on Bruce is that he is a huge fan of the classic black and white horror films, he even has a whole tattoo sleeve dedicated to them but one of his more recent tattoos is a portrait of Ingrid Pitt from the Vampire Lovers by Steve Wimmer at Monster Tattoo in Stanton, DE. Also last year for Halloween he went as the Invisible Man and I went as the Bride of Frankenstein, and this year he is in the works of getting a costume made of the Red Death from the Phantom of the Opera. I hope you enjoy a little bit of incite on my husband Bruce and please stay tuned for more movies from Zemo's Halloween Movie Fest.



Friday, October 3, 2008

31 Days of Zemo's Halloween Movie Fest

It has become a first year tradition at my house for my husband Bruce, he has decided to start the spooky season with his very own Halloween movie marathon. Amongst his busy schedule, his plan is to watch a different horror movie every night for 31 days; so far he is two for two. October 1st was the unforgettable Nosferatu, A Symphony of Terror. This 1921 film is the earliest surviving film adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula, starring Max Schreak as the vampire Count Orlok. The film was almost destroyed by Stoker's widow because of copyright infringement; many of the names and other details were changed because the studio could not get rights to the novel. For example "vampire" became "Nosferatu" and Count Dracula became Count Orlok. This is a very dark film that relies on twisted facial expressions and an original score by Hans Erdmann. You can view the whole film here.

October 2nd, I joined Bruce for the classic 1931 film of Dracula, starring Béla Lugosi as the definitive Dracula himself. His presence as Dracula as the talking corpse terrified 1930s movie audiences.  His facial features and his eyes were so compelling that his face jumped off of the screen even with no dialogue. My personal favorite quote is "To die, to be *really* dead, that must be glorious!" I am also a huge fan of the character Renfield, he is so unusal looking and switches his personality in a manner of seconds, from innocent to a raving lunatic.

These two films are a a must see for this season! I look forward to more of these vampire films this weekend and can't wait to share all the details this month!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Please Come to My ART SHOW Oct 3rd!

I hope everyone will stop by tomorrow night for my art show, even for a hot minute. I will have my newest paintings and assemblages just in time for Halloween and for the holiday shopping we all dread; such paintings as Salley Mae and The Bride both from my Skeleton Krew Collection. I will also have small relics and exclusive jewelry from redheart13. etsy. com

Friday, Octob​er 3rd
Opera De Studios
4 South Poplar Street
Wilmi​ngton​,​ DE 19801​
After party from 8pm-12am

Location of show is off of Martin Luther Kind Blvd past the Amtrak Train Station, make right onto South Poplar Street, look for building that says Opera DE in white letters.

I hope to see you tomorrow, bring a friend or two, also pass this along to any homies who might be interested!

For more info,​ conta​ct me or go to http:​/​/​www.​ci.wilmi​ngton​.​​artlo​op/​index​.html

Childhood Playground Assemblage, made from porcelain head, moss, plastic artery vines and paint.

Cinderella Necklace, made from gold plated chain, vintage glass beads and vintage painted carriage pendant.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


RED Wednesdays starts today! Don't miss out on this new promotion, it's a great way to start that holiday shopping we all dread. It's easy as 1,2,3. Just stop by today and every Wednesday to get this special discount of buying one piece of jewelry and getting the 2nd half off. It can only be used on jewelry items but there is no limit on your purchase. Just look for our special promotional banner for the friendly reminder each week! 

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