Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hello All! A warm welcome to a new week and new month. Being the last day of March, today is our last day for FREE SHIPPING. Starting April 1st, I will no longer be offering this discount. However every week you can take advantage of Red Wednesday and 25% off all earrings on Fridays, but please stay tuned for upcoming discounts and specials that will be announced here at the Heart Chronicles.

Check out these lovelies I picked up this weekend at the bead show I attended on Saturday. I found these gorgeous navy blue shimmering pearls and flat glass beads, plus these brass lily connectors. The show is coming back in June so I def want to get more them, I can't wait. Stay tuned for more supplies that I picked up at the show, plus new Buried Treasure Ideas.

~ NEW ARRIVAL: Truly inspired by vintage glamour mixed with enchantment; this Old Time Trumpet Devotion pearl necklace is quite the charmer. 

~ NEW ARRIVAL: With hints of Art Nouveau flavor, these dark poetic Royal Meadow Drops are just the thing to make an unforgettable evening ensemble.

Friday, March 27, 2009

25% Off All Earrings Today!

A busy week for me over here in Delaware, let me wipe the sweat and tears from my face. It's not that bad, but just wish today was over! Tomorrow will be awesome though, I'm hitting up the Intergalactic Bead Show this weekend; I hope I'm not too bad and spend all my tax money, hehe. Only 5 mins from my house, I plan to tear it up, and hopefully come back with some unique finds. I plan on showing you some ideas next week, with all the buried treasure I find at the show.

A N N O U N C E M E N T:
~ Today all earrings are 25% off! Two new arrivals popped up today, check them out below!
~ Starting April 1st, I will no longer be offering FREE SHIPPING, there are only a couple more days left!

~ 1) NEW ARRIVAL: Be kissed with the bright yellow, in these darling Lemon Sun Kiss earrings, these remind me of a tall glass of lemonade matched with the brilliance of the sun.

~ 2) LAST PAIR: Mmmmm, yummy granny smith apples mixed kissed with white flowers. These spring Delicious Appletini earrings are a perfect treat for your little ears.

~ 3) NEW ARRIVAL: Dark, petite and organic… these light weight Bat Orchid earrings are truly elegant and can be worn with that little cocktail dress you've got waiting for that special occasion.

~ 4) This yummy ensemble made of vintage butterscotch beads and gun metal chain, truly remind me of one of my favorite treats, Cream Soder!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are Official Trailer

I finally just watched the official trailer for Where the Wild Things Are! Comes out in theaters October 16, 2009. This film looks so adorable and I'm curious to see more.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS: Fresh Picked Just For You

Here are four new arrivals that were hand picked just for you! On the outside I may dress in all black and love horror movies, but on the inside I'm all gushy and girly; I always fall for pink and anything with adorable flowers, so with silly giggles and being pretty in pink I present four new arrivals from Red Heart 13.

~ 1) My beloved grandmother Sarah Elizabeth taught me that in order for the most fullest roses to bloom you must give them Eternal Affection. This rose leaf pendant is matched with white pearls and a tiny sparrow in flight; a truly elegant ensemble.

~ 2) Fabric Majestic Crocus: delightful lavenders matched with the vintage appeal of brass filigree makes a perfect combination for true romance.

~ 3) Hooray hoorah, sis boom bah! These Blush Pompon drops make me smile, made with vintage baby pink and gold beads that are matched with a delicate floral rhondelle. Wouldn't these be perfect with a sexy heels and pencil skirt?

~ 4) I absolutely fell in love with this unbelievable enamel flower pendant shaped in a heart. I traded this beauty for one of my Skeleton Krew™ paintings a while back and call it For You My Love; def a lovely gift for a friend or a true sign of appreciation for Mother's Day.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

BURIED TREASURE: Honey Bee Adornments

Today's Buried Treasure Ideas will have you BUZZING up a storm! Seems as the weather gets warmer, we all look towards nature for inspiration, whether be the tweeting of baby birds, organic shapes of budding flowers and yes the buzzing of bees. Below are some ideas that you can use to create classic honey bee adornments.

~ VINTAGE FINDS: Recently, I visited my local flea market and came home with some pleasant vintage pieces, I found this beautiful vintage brass linked bracelet shaped like honey combs and matched it with a long strand of cream and amber pearls. Taking a timeless bracelet and matching it with a couple of beads near the clasp can add a whimsical feel to any outfit. I also found a great faux pearl pendant brooch and matched it with an adorable enamel bee; this would be perfect to romance any lapel. 

I D E A S   T O   M A K E    S O M E T H I N G   N E W:

~ SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW: The beautiful thing about etsy is there is something for everyone, personally I love combining vintage finds with something new. For example, the Queen Bee earrings seen above have stunning vintage honeycomb like texture beads in a delicate crystal from Red Art Productions; I've matched them with newer brass bee gardening charms from Bare Naked Findings topped with a gold bead cap.

I also love these glass apricot beads from beadtopiavintage, not sure yet what I will create with these but a lovely idea would be to create a teardrop necklace and match the beads with a fluttering butterfly pendant, like this aged white Repousse Butterfly from the Patina Queen.

~ GO SIMPLE: If you are into a more simpler look for spring or summer how about this bubbly Meil Honey Ring from Les Precieuses, the use of the warm cluster of jade beads is perfect for that one outfit accessory. I adore the simple elegance of this Bee Blossoms Bracelet from Lara Lewis; choose from three colors to accent this charming oxidized brass bee pendant to adorn you wrist. Just by adding subtle hints of color matched with a larger center piece can have super stylish results.

I hope you've enjoyed these honey bee adornment ideas and create something special of you own. Join us next time for more Buried Treasure Ideas when I talk about using timeless finds in and enchanted secret garden theme.

Monday, March 23, 2009

SNEAK PEEKS: Inspired by Pop's house

Hello everyone! I hope you all had an amazing weekend, yesterday I took the 20 minute ride up to my dad's house, good ole West Grove, PA. I actually remembered to bring my camera with me, and decided to walk about the several acre land. My ultimate goal was to prowl around looking for birds eggs, but too soon, too cold! However, I did find some tiny buds blooming and the dead lingering; no not zombies just dried flowers.

In my beloved Sarah Elizabeth's garden, I found this little piece of a forgotten note paper just sticking out of the leaves; it was quiet unusual and had hand written script on a thin lined paper. I couldn't read much of it, but where did it come from? I picked it up and nestled it in my pocket for later, I ended up taking several images with it as my muse. With beautiful green moss and petite white flowers, it ended up looking like a sad love story.

Inspired by my pop's house, I drew from the mossy floor, sweet buds and my mother's bright yellow flower sun dress. Here are some sneak peeks from Red Heart 13, if you see something you like, the listings are already made but no images yet; so here is a first hand look at some special new arrivals!

S N E A K   P E E K S:

~ 1) A Honeysuckle Remembrance Relic, inspired by two special women in my life, my mother and my beloved late Sarah Elizabeth. The vintage canary yellow, lavender and green fabric is from one of my mother's 1970s sun dress, unfortunately it is to small for her but found it in my pop's closet. The threaded flower is taken from the embroidery on my grandmother's old pin cushion. This locket is truly a flashback of nostalgic happy memories. ~ $39.00

~ 2) This Loner Owl may look cute and sweet, but he's a rebel! He flies in the midnight sky looking for grub to fill his belly, and is a homebody during the day and loves his Rambo PJs.  ~ $25.50

~ 3) An ode to nature; pure spring magic! These Sweet Pea Mini Acorns are a squirrels dream, made from minty wooden beads topped with a golden hard shell. ~ $11.00

Sunday, March 22, 2009


It's Sunday again! A long week but a final day of the weekend to enjoy, before I head up to my pops I thought I'd share some new beauties.

~ 1) Pale lavenders matched with the vintage appeal of brass filigree, these Majestic Crocus earrings are a perfect combination for romantic elegance.

~ 2) Hooray hoorah, sis boom bah! These Blush Pompon drops are so cute and girly; made with baby pink vintage lucite beads matched with gold, they are sure to put a smile on your face.

Friday, March 20, 2009


~ when the birds are fluttering outside my window. 

~ because my cat, Randall Flag has a new girlfriend;  I caught him starring at her through the curtains.

~ when the time changes, and I can drive with my windows down and sing along with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

~ when you can get free water ice, from Ritas! YUM.

~ when the hillbilly  neighbors hang outside on the porch.

~ when I can bust out the slip on shoes with no socks, yes! High Five.

I hope everyone has a beautiful first day of Spring!

J U S T   I N   T I M E   F O R    S P R I N G   O R   S U M M E R:
~ This Lemon Chiffon vintage beaded necklace is back for the 2nd time in my shop. It has a beautiful arrangement that will suit the sweet side of you; made from vintage lucite beads, brass bead caps with a patina finish and a pale yellow lucite rose pendant with encrusted rhinestone. This ravishing necklace is just waiting to be hand-picked by you!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

BURIED TREASURE: Retro Flower Ideas

Today's Buried Treasure Ideas are just in time for Spring! I am truly fond of girly flowery vintage finds. Here are a couple finds that I picked up over the weekend, I found this filigree flower pendant that has lovely pale colors, it can be used as a center piece for a bracelet or even a necklace. I also fell in love with this gigantic 3D pear pendant, it has a hook in the back for hanging from a chain.

I D E A S   T O   M A K E   S O M E T H I N G   N E W:

~ COMBINE SIMILAR COLORS: Try combining similar colors to match modern with vintage finds. I love these pink tiny tulips seen above from MK Supplies, they would look great with the silver filigree flower pendant above; possibly swooping on a chain that leads down to the pendant. The shape is truly retro and adds a nice feminine touch. If you are into a more simple style, you can even add a vintage bead in the middle and make earrings, like I've done in my Tinkerbell earrings. Or how about the cute Green and Gold Vintage Style Leaf Beads seen above from Snap Crafty; these are perfect to top off a fruity creation; for example these Delicious Appletini earrings from my shop. 

~ ENAMEL FLOWERS: I truly love this Pink and Yellow Enamel Necklace by Raquel Castillo Designs. It is a beautiful combination of vintage retro with simple touches accented here and there. There is a nice combination of pearls with simple pink beads mixed with the enamel flowers and even a brass filigree piece for the backing. Sometimes enamel flowers are hard to find and can be a little pricey but they are truly stunning when used in a cluster like in this necklace. 

~ ODDS & ENDS: I must say, we all come across little things here and there that we save for a raining day; you never know when you just might decide to use it. That is what I love about this Canary Vintage Beaded Bracelet by The Pink Dragonfly. The bracelet combines bright simple yellow beads matched perfectly with an upcycled Japanese barrette. The tiny flowers are just so darn cute and are kissed with pale colored beads; they are a nice accent to the bright yellow beads.

I hope you've enjoyed these ideas on combining bright retro finds with simple touches. Stay tuned for more Buried Treasure Ideas when I talk about the ever most popular Honey Bee Adornments!

NEW ARRIVALS: Sweet and Sassy

Swwwooohh what a week, a little behind on my blogging, been swamped with the new Delaware Children's Museum website; but now that I have some fresh air I want to share with you the new jewelry pieces that just arrived at Red Heart 13.

S W E E T   &   S A S S Y

~ 1) A Delectable Frosted Ribbon, so yummy, cute and pretty in pink! A whimsy brass ribbon is topped with a frosted pink vintage pearl and hangs on a brass chain that is kissed with rhinestones.

~ 2) Ribet Ribet, funky sounds from the forest dewing floor; The Frog Prince awaits a kiss. These tiny green and orange speckled beads reminds me of the little frog from one of my favorite childhood stories.

~ 3) Simple, silver and vintage; these Cherry Darling earrings are any rockabilly girls dream come true. I found these cherry charms this past weekend, they were part of a long necklace strand; I thought why not turn those babies into retro earrings.

~ 4) This stunning simple rhinestone feather necklace truly brings in the swing, and is truly Light As a Feather.

~ 5) Silly, speckled red and white! "I'm a loner dotty, a rebel!" This Albino Ladybug roams from bush to bush looking for but a single mate. These poked dot beads are truly amazing and hold the key to any spring venture.

~ 6) How 'bout a spot of tea! Why YESSSSSS! Gosh I just love Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Any whoo, these Tea and Crumpet earrings are quite romantic and are a perfect splash of color to match with your simple black dress.

~ 7) A lovely necklace made of single momentos of the past; a golden lucite chandlier pendant mixed with vintage mother of pearl rosary beads. I call this necklace the Hunchback of Notredame; it reminds me of all the keepsakes and memories we keep to ourselves in times of loneliness.

~ 8) Biiizzz, buzzzz Yellow Jackets flying amongst flowers and butterfly bushes. These cuties are back again for the third time and are sure to give you a little sting of happiness.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BURIED TREASURE: Classic Beauty Ideas

What do you do when you have piles of jewelry / vintage supplies?
Well this past weekend I ventured back to my local hot spot for all that is vintage. You can read about my experience from my previous blog Buried Treasure at the Local Flea Market.

Saturday, I came home with bag filled with all kinds of vintage finds to make new jewelry, I ended up sorting through it all and decided to take some pics and sort it out to show you how to combine various vintage pieces together. Here is the first set I call Classic Beauty; I sorted and included vintage pearls, silver wrist watches, glass rose pendants and some loose beads. This particular assortment just reminds me so much of my grandmother Sarah Elizabeth, in her earlier peacock years, she wore lace pill hats, lovely white gloves and simple pearl strands.

C L A S S I C   B E A U T Y

I D E A S   T O   M A K E    S O M E T H I N G   N E W:
~ Combine different styles of pearls, try using various sizes and colors. I am very fond of the creams with pinks.

~ Combine thin metal chains swooped with a whole strand of pearls then add a simple pendant at the end to top it off.

~ Mix vintage flea market finds with your finds on etsy, like these brass pink frosted glass dangles from Gypsy Spirit Studio. These pink dangles would look perfect with the large pink pearls I picked up this weekend, they would make charming earrings.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Buried Treasure at the Local Flea Market

This past weekend was my first visit back to the Newcastle Farmer's Market, not only can you find all American beef jerky and the best fruit by the basket; it is a one stop flea market that holds hidden buried treasure. Alison from Spool and I spent about four hours there on Saturday, I spent almost $100, and that was practically all on jewelry, however I did come away with three vintage scarves, vintage cabinet cards and an antique concrete fawn for my yard.

Check out the mess I had to work out when I got home, but boy did I find some great things. The wonderful thing about flea markets is that the more you buy in pounds the cheaper it is. We actually found a couple of jackpot tables, all with ladies hunched around sorting through vintage earrings and chains all tangled. That's right at this one table, I must of collected 65 things in my basket, 10 bucks, can you believe. And this one lady recognized us from last year, she had dog gone and reached under the table and pulled out bags of vintage jewelry to sort through; my dream come true.

I just love when it gets warm out, I know there is going to be more where that came from. After I got home I spent an hour or so before I cleaned all the pieces and organized them into groups. Everything from classic hollywood, to whimsical garden assortments; I took some time and photographed them.

This week I will show you how to combine flea market treasure with etsy finds.

Rules of the Road

This morning was a little hectic. I was trying to get to work early since we are swamped (because we can't hire anyone to help, since the economy sucks). I was rocking out to Metallica, "And Justice For All" and going a little faster than usual, all was well, until I got to 141, which is the onramp before I-95 North. Once I got onto the ramp, I had to swing over three lanes, which isn't usually a problem. This morning there was a little more traffic than usual since it was earlier, but hey some nice person will let me over!

So I thought, I got over two lanes but there was a couple cars and a jeep going slow, I had my signal on forever and then thought to speed up to get to this opening. This dude in his jeep thought well I ain't letting this lady over, I'm going to go the same speed limit instead of letting off the gas a little or speeding up. What a jerk, there was almost an accident, I had sped up to get over and he wouldn't let me over, then this red truck merged into my, I had to brake quickly. 

I was furious, I do occasionally get road rage, especially this morning, I need to knock that shit off. Road rage that is, I'm going to get myself killed. I starred down the guy as he crept up next to me, I was yelling and he was, I gave him the finger yelling "You fucking retard, don't you know how to drive, dick!" Anyhow, he gave me the finger back and I ended up getting behind him. It's about fucking time I got over, christ. I was shaking my head back and forth starring this dude down in his rear view mirror, and he had the nerve to wave his hand all cute in the mirror. So I blew him a kiss and saluted him. What a nightmare! Guys are so aggressive on the road. Just let the cute lady in her Toyota, get over all ready.

Here are some things that GRIND MY GEARS:

~ TURN SIGNALS: Use them people! One thing that ticks me off is when people don't let others merge into a lane. Quick hogging the road and be respectful of other drivers. I know alot of times, we are joined with idiots on the road, whether be on their cell phones or just not paying attention. However, half the time you just get plain ignorant people who put others at risk.

~ MERGING: Yield does not mean stop, if you have to on occasion and there is a big mac truck coming; I completely understand. But don't come to a dead stop when you have to merge onto 1-95. WTF!

~ GO WITH THE FLOW: Ok, so your on 1-95, speed limit is like 60 mph, people are going 65-70 mph, if your doing 50 pick up the speed, I think people need to go with the flow of traffic, if not get in the right lane not in the fast lane / passing lane. I don't know how many times I see this, pisses me off. 

~ FREQUENT BRAKERS: This is the term I use on the road, these are the people that brake for the hell of it. Now I've only been driving for almost three years now, but I learned quickly. Have a good following distance, two to three car lengths when you can especially on the interstate. When the traffic flow is good, things move nicely and smoothly, which is ideal for keeping things moving; people have places to be. But then you got this one mother f*cker, who is braking for no reason and isn't even in the right lane, can you believe?!!! First of all, there is no reason to brake when you are on the interstate unless traffic is backed up. Here is a trick, instead of braking release your foot off of the gas a little, this should give you enough time to adjust your speed slightly. I use this trick alot especially when I have to let someone in front of me. It's easy.

What grinds you gears on the road?
I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Friday, March 13, 2009


~ 1) These vintage lucite teal beads remind me of board walk yummy Rock Candy!

~ 2) These Golden Melon earrings remind me of summer days and juicy cantaloupes; just delicious!

~ 3) Sweet Pumpkin Fairy Tale Drops are childhood memories brought back to life; if only Cinderella could stop time before her carriage turned back into a pumpkin.

~ 4) This little Enchanted Acorn has fallen from the magical tree of life and is waiting to be picked up by you!

All jewelry, relics and paintings on 25% OFF today only!
So if you have been eyeing something for a while now it's your time to snag it.

Sugarplum Tree: New Sweet Treats!

Spool Design and I are so ecstatic that our destash shop, Sugarplum Tree, has been such a success so far! We've sold more individual items this week than we thought we'd sell in a month - yay! And to keep our shop full, we've uploaded a few items that I want to highlight:

From Left to Right*: Truffle Tray, $1.50; Orange you Glad Beads, $1.25;

Thursday, March 12, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS: Rare Species

Just in time for spring, check out these new beauties that have been buzzing all around!

~ 1) Birds chirp and flower seedling bloom, Welcome Spring with this robin ceramic pendant necklace kissed with blue speckled glass beads.

~ 2) Swooping sparrows, posies, roses and butterflies; this Flutter and Flight necklace is truly adorable and will bring out memories of spring to come.

~ 3) Fly amongst pink Peonies and Butterflies that float through the air.

~ 4) Bizzzz buzzzz, bring in spring with this Beloved Honey bracelet strung with crystal melon beads inlayed with gold matched with silver speckled beads and topped with a bee charm.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You are Now Entering the Twilight Zone!

You're traveling through another dimension – a dimension not only of sight and sound but of handmade. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's a signpost up ahead: your next stop: the Twilight Zone!

Gosh I just love this show, I always look forward to New Years Day, when they place back to back episodes. I've been inspired and decided to make my etsy treasury based on this fabulous series. I've used some mysterious imagery from some of my favorite episodes and the original movie.

1) This interactive vintage-inspired folk art piece entitled, The Original Devil Boy, reminds me of the famous episode "The Howling Man". This piece is truly stunning, hand carved, painted and signed created by non other than Dave from DB Collectibles.

2) This red  Jetsetter Vintage Travel Alarm Clock just caught my eye, totally 70s and has beautiful deco style numbers. It reminds of the episode "Where is Everybody?", which happens to be the first episode of the series. Stop on by Aviary where you can get vintage delights for you and your home.

3) "What you're looking at could be the end of a particularly terrifying nightmare. It isn't. It's the beginning. Introducing Mr. John Valentine, air traveller. His destination: the Twilight Zone." Who can't forget Twilight Zone, the movie; produced by Steven Spielberg in 1983. These stunning Vintage Steampunk Button Cufflinks by 19 Moons truly reminds me of the fourth segment of the movie which featured John Lithgow, who plays a stressed out airline passenger who has suffers from anxiety, claustrophobia and acrophobia. His nightmare features a hideous gremlin who is damaging the wing of the plane. William Shatner also played the original character in the episode 3 called "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet".
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