Friday, July 31, 2009

Hail Mary Talisman Earrings

"Hope for the Hopeless"
Armored saints that dangle near the eyes; a guiding light leading you to your future. A religious medal of Our Lady of Guadeloupe and St. Jude hang from vintage silver pearls, matched with a gun metal diamond shaped connector and french ear wires.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS: Odd & Wonderful

Hello! Many new pieces roaming around Red Heart 13 this week, I have been very productive! Last night I spent some time creating while my legs and tush rested (squats are killer), I can't wait for tomorrow night, going to spend more time in my art studio painting and perhaps some other naughty things.

This week in the new arrivals section: 3 new necklaces | 5 pairs of new earrings
In the next few days, more jewelry, stay tuned for: 5 necklaces | 2 pairs of earrings

~ 1) The Keeper Skeleton Keys: to be worn fiercely and strong, for you are the keeper to your life, the keeper of dark desires and prominent decisions.

~2) In a world of madness, we all look to one person to complete us, this Hearts Intertwined Necklace is a token of that love we all seek.

~ 3) Dramatic vintage briolette earrings are filled with dark splotches resembling ink, they remind me of Lucid Love Letters!

~ 4) Ashes to Ashes earrings: vintage brass and beaded delights remind me of ancient urns of Egypt, holding eternal ashes of the dead.

This rare British escutcheon stands in solitude depicting both the lion and the unicorn, who had long been thought to be deadly enemies: both regarded as king of the beasts, while the unicorn rules through harmony. It came to symbolize a reconciliation between the Scottish unicorn and the English lion that the two should share the rule. 

This necklace is truly one of a kind and holds beautiful detailing that only a rare piece can bring, it hangs with a mother of pearl pendant matched with three unique gold chains.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

RED SALE Ending Soon

This is the final week for the RED SALE, through July 31st take 10% off any purchase. Check out four new pieces that have been added to the red sale section, don't forget you still get 10% off sale items. After this month stop by my new shop at big cartel, right now you will find five items but hopefully soon I will expanding.

~ 1) Empire Satin Earrings, $13.50 (originally $15.50)
~ 2) Eternal Affection Necklace, $25.00 (originally $29)
~ 2) Stay Puft Earrings, $10.50 (originally $10.50)
~ 4) Cream Soder Drops, $7.50 (originally $9.50)

I Heart…

With so many lovelies out there, I thought I mention a couple of my new favorites and sounds.

My Mutant Bunnies, the Burly One: this magnificent sculptural piece from Alma Pottery is part of a series of "bunnies" heads are trophies on the wall.  I really dig the primitive look and the eyes remind me of extraterrestrials. I hope to have one of these in my studio one day.

Campfire, limited edition print from Ground Work, I can't imagine what kind of beasts lurk in the distance, one would only be so smart to stay close to the fire and enjoy ghost stories.

Kings of Leon, I've been rocking out to these guys this week, my friend Donni recommended them to me and I am really blown away, these three brothers and one cousin from American's red-necked Deep South, mix raw country blues with rock 'n' roll. It is raw, honest and born out of passion. The lyrics in Closer, from their latest album Only By The Night, is so deep and eerie.

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Small Moment With the Macabre

The weekend was quite pleasant, I finally was able to sit down and paint yesterday amongst thunderstorms and I Survived. However I found myself a little uninspired and afraid to take on my larger portraits of my Skeleton Krew Collection.

So I stuck to some small and petite portraits, I started a small tintype, who I am just chilled by, she reminds me of Damien from The Omen. I am also in the process of painting Moth Queen, a dance between midnight masquerades and woodland enchantment. 

I just love the imperfections of gouache when transparent shades run into each other. I really dig the upper left of her wings, though I am unhappy with her face and wings at the moment, the weird thing is that I love when water mixes with the brush after it hits the surface, however when it dries it is an odd thing; sometimes becoming too dark. She will probably take another couple of rounds until I am in love. I almost wish I could capture the look of paint under water, so lucid, just how hair flows so freely in the bathtub.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Meet the New Family!

I'd like to introduce some new members to the Skeleton Krew, they are in their true state and yet haven't been initiated into the death yet, but they are quite astonishing, unpleasant looks from holding still for so long or perhaps heartbroken thoughts seep out from within?

I went rummaging around the Main Street Antique store the other day before dinner and me being obsessed with Victorian and early portraits, I bought seven new portraits for my Skeleton Krew Collection (plus I have my eye on a large portrait of a gypsy woman in a wooden frame with convex glass that I will be picking up this weekend). I just love the intricate borders around their faces and am just mad about tin types as well. The first SK portrait I ever did was on a tin type and the outcome was overly macabre, I cannot wait to paint these miniature faces.

I am often drawn to photographs of young children, perhaps their innocence calls to me, as I grow older I never want those magical moments of my childhood to disappear. I often imagine what it was like during their time periods, how they played or if anything tragic happened to them growing up. These delicate expressions are forever frozen in time.

Growing up I've always been into the darker things in life, in my teens years, vampires and horror were always of interest but as I grew as a woman in my 20s I had experienced death of a close loved one. That has opened my eyes to mourning processes, the true darker things in life and viewing our bodies as ticking machines that will eventually stop. I often look at these portraits and think how these people may have died……our body in the end, is made of many apparatus' that all work together breathing our souls, eventually our bodies end to decompose back into the ground, where life is reborn. With the brevity and fragility of human life in the face of God and nature, one must live like there is no tomorrow!


Thursday, July 23, 2009


Lately in my little world, I've been sucked up with my obsessions and just not enough time. Unfortunately this week I've running later than ever, only a few new darlings this week at Red Heart 13. I'm hoping this weekend I will get tons of time to paint and create new pieces. Wednesday I stopped by the local antique store before dinner and picked up about 10 Victorian photographs and I have my eye on a very special one that I will be picking up this weekend during there sale. Hope she is still there! 

Until then please enjoy these three pieces! I didn't get a chance to introduce the Leaving Cambodia Bracelet that just sold, made from silver chain and vintage luggage tags. I recently found a whole mess of them at an estate sale; look for more to come with these lovelies.

~ 1) With red and black matched together, these Mad Love earrings will put a spell on you; a love spell that is.
~ 2) This little Enchanted Acorn necklace has fallen and is waiting to be picked up by you!

How about a little tea for an unbirthday party; a mad sensation of royalty mixed with insanity delight and a touch of lemon perhaps. This unique collaboration is an outing made special, a darling Mad Tea Party Adornment with a hint of Victorian inspiration matched with penny royal tea.

Created from an vintage flat ware topper with glass and lovely flourishing, this unique piece hangs in solitude underneath a royal shield pendant on silver chain; quite an ornate revamp.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Tin Man's Heart

Recently I've been working on a very special custom piece called The Tin Man's Heart. Now some of you might remember I had originally created this necklace from last year. Interestingly enough I got an email from a gentleman who wanted to have a special custom necklace to give to his wife for their 10th wedding anniversary, he explained that the Wizard of Oz is her all time favorite film and he was even thinking of dressing up like the Tin Man and giving the necklace to her. I had told him that is the cutest thing I have ever heard, how romantic. He even mentioned that she may cry once she sees this gift, which what he tries for every year.

I've been working on it for the past month and had a really hard time getting the darn thing open, but I think it turned out lovely once all put together. The necklace is created from an antique silver pocket watch, a tiny red heart, brass gear and hangs from a silver chain and vintage strand of rosary beads in crystal. I just love custom pieces, remember if you ever see something you love in my sold items, just ask I just may be able to create something similar to your liking.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Skeleton Krew in the works

I've been just super busy this week at work that I am behind on so many things. But I thought I'd take a breather and share a new painting that is in the works from my Skeleton Krew Collection. Meet Master Gorey and his wife Lenor, they are caught in a moment all dolled up during their march in the Black Parade.

Master Gorey is a calm gentlemen, he almost seems too charming to be dressed in his devilish costume. Lenore has a slight crazed look about her, she is in traditional Day of the Dead makeup matched with black attire. This is the first stage of the painting, they almost look a little comical at this point, I have much more creepy detailing to do on their faces and also I will be adding a little coloring to the flowers on her blouse. I really love this photo, reminds a little of the odd couple from the painting
American Gothic, though here these odd folks are dressed for death; walking on the path of mortality.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Past Life Regression

Last year, a friend of mine Becca from The Caravan and I were talking about the concept of Past Life Regression, I've seen some shows about this technique of going into a hypnosis to reveal old memories or being reborn from past lives. This kind of thing really fascinates me, one day I wish to get this done professionally. However Becca and I did a little research on how to tap into these memories yourself. Months before I tried this experiement, Becca did it herself and said she had visions of syringes and strange men with masks holding her down in a garden of some kind, really creepy, she later revealed that for the longest time she has always been afraid of needles. From there I truly was intrigued!

Before you do this meditation, you want to be in the right state of mind, find a time when you are aware but not overly tired, lay down in a relaxing place with no distractions. Once you are comfortable you can try this technique I did: envision yourself walking down a flight of stairs while counting down from 100, once you reach the bottom you will envision a door that you will open. The time may vary for different people in which you will fall into the trance, with my experience I sort of fell in a light sleep but I was still conscious, this took me about 4-5 minutes.

It was nothing I've ever experienced before, after I opened my door during the exercise, I saw a pink house surrounded by a sunny sky, bright green grass on a neighborhood street right out of the early 1900s. From my perspective it seemed as if I was across the street taking on the fullness of the house, in the front yard was a little girl in a short dress with white apron. My next vision was a black long looking car that pulled up to the house and parked for a moment then drove away. I was really anxious to see inside but the windows were jet black and the driver was hidden.

From that point the vision jumped to a backyard, where I saw four children standing in a line looking at me. The whole time there were no sounds, just images flashing, I tried looking at myself, at my shoes and clothing, but nothing. Right after I looked up I saw a middle aged woman maybe mid 40s, she was in all black, could of been mourning clothes but hard to tell from the vision, however she had really long hair but she didn't reveal her face to me. Abruptly my perspective changed and I was inside a box or wall looking out, I saw this hand reach in and pull out an old style hand gun. I was really confused at this point, but just mourning fell over me.

The beginning of my experience in the trance was very innocent and reminded me of childhood, the children standing together really reminds me of my brothers and how we always stuck together. But later after seeing the woman I had this overwhelming feeling of sadness, were those that woman's children? The vision of the gun was really disturbing and depressing, like something tragic happened. Now that I look back to the beginning maybe the car could of been some kind of of hearse passing by bringing souls or a sign of death to the house. I couldn't tell you what the meanings were, could that that woman have been me? To tell you the truth, whenever I am around small children, I often get really teary eyed for some reason; very bizarre. I really want to do more of these sessions and to try and get a connection of similar places or feelings, it was truly an amazing experience that lasted only about 15 minutes, but it is something that is truly unforgettable.

Here are some sites that are very insightful about Past Life Regression:

Saturday, July 11, 2009


To All My Followers and Viewers,

Sometime in the past two weeks I was reading one of the blogs I follow and remember seeing a comment someone left in regards to a not well known or one of Stephen Kings older books/book of short stories. I can't seem to remember the name of the book or short story or where I saw it, I did a search but no luck. My husbands is a huge Stephen King/Richard Bachman fan, I remember seeing it and wanted to tell him about it. Not sure if someone left it as a comment or not.

If anyone remembers seeing this comment around amongst the blogger world or knows what I am talking about please let me know the answer. I know I don't give you many clues, but maybe you can help?


Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Looks That Kill…

She's got the looks that kill and the weapons to back it up! 

During my process of creation, I often imagine what it was like to be the original carrier of these older pieces I find in my travels. I'd imagine the wearer of this Cinnamon Girl necklace to be mysterious and loves the darker things in life, she comes out whenever it rains and dances on graves. Jet black hair and always quick to fight.

Amongst darling pearls and crystals, is an antique Mother of Pearl two blade pocket knife, that is cuddled with a vintage brass dog tag with beautiful engraved letters reading "Cinnamonson, NJ 637, 1973". This interesting combination was inspired by the song "Backstreets" by the boss, a lovely place for a fight, stray dogs and a quick get away while you run for your life.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A silver pewter bullet hangs in solitude ready for a mad man on the loose, you can only call upon one man to get the job done right! Dr. Van Helsing always comes prepared with his small case filled with reliquaries, such talismans and weapons as a holy water flask, wolf bane, a crucifix and for the ultimate kill; a pure silver bullet. This silver bullet pendant necklace is a legend of itself, telling the tale of Doctor V. in his slaying adventures with monsters, including Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein's monster, Dracula and werewolves. 

The Van Helsing Talisman, was quick to arrive in my shop this week but had a short stay. Someone recently bought this necklace however in the near future I will be either making a similar necklace with silver bullet, either dedicated to Dr. V or lycanthropes…stay tuned.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

RED SALE in July

Just a reminder that the Red Sale is going on this month at Red Heart 13. Enjoy 10% off all items, plus check out the RED SALE section, to find over 15 jewelry pieces that have been reduced. Remember too, if you buy from this section you still get the extra 10% Off!

~ 1) Hula Girl Vintage Earrings, $12.00 (reduced from $14)
~ 2) Cotton Candy Flourishes, $12.00 (reduced from $14)
~ 3) Blue Bell Blossom Earrings, $14.50 (reduced from $16.50)
~ 4) Memory Lane Necklace, $33.00 (reduced from $38)
~ 5) Lemon Sun Kiss Earrings, $8.00 (reduced from $10)
~ 6) Old Time Trumpet Devotion Necklace, $29.00 (reduced from $34)

Monday, July 6, 2009

New Paintings In the Process

I'd like to introduce Skeleton Krew: no. 025 Weeping Eileen, she is quite an odd one for she makes me feel sad, my soul meets with hers as I stare into her eyes. I have painted many portraits but she is one of the most captivating, the mood is just so somber. Tragic…perhaps she was caught in the seconds of being so vulnerable and lonely. Her look is natural with a hint of lunacy.

Eileen is a new painting that will be going at the Toothless Cat gallery in philly that is run by Jason Goldberg, Dave Fox and J.L. Schnabel of Blood Milk, I will be heading down there Wed night to display some pieces for the cash/carry wall. 

Lately I've been going mad with finding new portraits for my Sweet Heart / Skeleton Krew Collection, I've been elaborating on the concept of sideshow characters and the my fascination of twins. At a later date I will share more on the details and my process/progress. Below is a new portrait that I found of this heavenly woman in a gesso frame. I haven't decided whether she will be a vampress or ghoul. Isn't she lovely?


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

RED SALE in July!

I can't believe it is the middle of 2009 already, boy does time fly! To celebrate the summer, I am having another Red Sale, starting today all items at Red Heart 13 will be 10% off, this includes paintings too. Later during the week I will be adding a new section called Red Sale Specials, this section will featured reduced jewelry pieces, sort of a summer cleaning perhaps.

Don't forget to check out the new arrivals this week:

~ 1) A Time Bandit necklace for any wild darling who loves gunslingers and time travel; it is a tribute to my favorite novel series The Dark Tower by Stephen King.

~ 2) A True Blood Coffin necklace for modern mourners or lovely vamps who heart such classics as Nosferatu; made from a solid pewter coffin, chandelier crystal and red plastic pendants that resemble flying bat wings.

~ 3) These darling La La Land Tulip earrings are just the cutest, I could a imagine this world being filled with cotton candy, ligers and unicorns.

~ 4) A small relic to wear over your heart matched with a vintage rhinestone pendant, this Adorned Hope Vintage Necklace is inspired by ancient reliquaries matched with classic romance.

Starting this week I am going to feature a new arrival that has a story behind it.

~ 5) The St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida is said to be haunted; it is an erosion of beauty that stands tall and hold several tragedies including Mr. Andreau, the original lighthouse keeper who fell to his death while painting the tower. There are claims of hearing footsteps, laughs of children and an odor of cigar smoke. This Haunted St. Augustine Necklace is a memento of locked doors and an entry tower to view the vast seas and the welcoming of forgotten sailors.

A vintage brass genuine keyhole escutcheon from Barcelona Spain has traveled far and now will adorn a new carrier ready for future travels. An enchanting lighthouse pendant  hangs below, made of brass and has exquisite detail including scroll borders. I am not sure the identity of this lighthouse but it adds some mystery, could there be lost souls lurking inside those walls? 
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