Friday, August 28, 2009

Agnes of the Immaculate Retention - 1979

Upon the discovery of my new obsession with bloodmilk's tumblr, I had come across this haunting photo that lead me to Angelhead. Tour the macabre photography by Angelhead, many of them inspired by the supernatural, death, Revelations and oddities. I could very well stare at these dark portraits of decadence and decay for hours; all come welcomed with a magnificent haunting story or quote.

Amongst my new inspirations, I was drawn to one image in particular called Anges of the Immaculate Retention - 1979. I am not sure if this story is direct history to a particular person or just wondrous nightmares written with luster; I wish I could see the photographic artifacts left behind in the house and the musty smells of horrid enrapturing a secluded paradise filled with death and Catholics reliquaries.

In northern Scotland Agnes Rose Willmington lived at this address for over forty years. 
During this time she only spoke to one other human being,
her mother, who died in 1951.
Upon Agnes' death in the winter of 1979,
authorities found in the old house:
over 1,000 bibles,
297 prayer books,
50 statues of Mary,
over a 1,000 crucifix's,
and 70 mason jars filled with urine and feces.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Peacock Wardrobe Necklace

I always dream of far away enchanted places, odd and whimsical lands of luster I one day will roam. Months ago I came across this rare solid brass escutcheon, it was said to be from the Victorian lake period and was just in awe of it's beauty and have been pondering what pieces to match it with; I call this darling The Peacock Wardrobe Necklace, however it has just been reserved for someone, please let me know if you are interested and I can make a custom similar design for you.

Engraved with detailing of flourishes and blossoms; it hangs with such elegance and resembles timeless beauty. I've paired it with fancy shabby chic faux cream pearls with hints of rhinestones and light gold. Two thin double brass chains wrap around the back of the neck and have strands that hang caressed against the wearer's back. I could imagine someone wearing this out in the gardens enjoying a secret dance or kiss with their bo.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Slaughtered Lamb Pub NYC

"In ancient times when werewolves roamed the land there was an old pub called The Slaughtered Lamb"

I'm here visiting my old stomping grounds in NYC and am staying with my best friend Mark, we go way back all the way from art school. We got in last night and hit up K(Korean) Town and had some great food and then shot down to Greenwich Village to drink.

I had my first experience at this pub called The Slaughtered Lamb on 4th and 6th Ave., it has the essence of a hole in the wall pub and wild bar maids, who spank guys with their belts when they loose in a drinking contest (ask for Izzy). The Slaughtered Lamb has become well known from the movie "An American Werewolf in London" where two NYU students are attacked outside the pub, during the English leg of the European tour. Inside features old brick, dark wood paneling and statues and paintings of werewolves. Mind you I wanted to steal everything, including the shackles in the down stairs Dungeon.

The original Slaughtered Lamb was a pub in a small town just north of London, cursed with the bloodline of the Werewolf. The inhabitants of East Proctor would sacrifice a lamb of their flock and smear the blood over the doors as part of a ritual to ward off the evil spirit of the Werewolf. A pentacle was also erected as a sign of respect so that the Werewolf would not trespass on the property of the bearer. These rituals have been practiced at the local town tavern and it became standard for many local people.

I see a badass moon rising!!!! har har har, heheheh, do stop by if your in the area.


Friday, August 21, 2009

The Wolfman 2010

Yesterday my husband Bruce called me up excited about the new Wolfman remake featuring Benicio Del Toro and directed by Joe Johnston! He has been on the search for the official trailer since months ago, finally it has been released! Watch the trailer here.

I checked out the trailer myself, and I must say it looks amazing and very dark like Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. I am a huge fan of the original Wolfman and I'm surprised because Del Toro really resembles Lon Chaney Jr.! The film has an amazing cast such as Anthony Hopkins as Sir John Talbot, Elizabeth Croft as Ophelia and Hugo Weaving as Detective Aberline.

It seems this version of the Wolfman tells the werewolf story as more of a character study, that explores the tragedy of a good man doomed by the dark circumstances beyond his control. The look def pays homage to the original, the release date is February 2010. I know what I'm doing for Valentine's Day!

I would love to know what you think!

700th Customer!!!!!

Dear Cult Followers,

Red Heart 13 is just short of 700th sales, and we need you to make it happen.
Currently we are at 696 sales, whoooh. Be the 700th customer and
you will receive a free gift to go along with your order;
could be a necklace, earrings or even bracelet!

{ Current Discount: 25% off all earrings! }

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I HEART: A Flutter of Pink

I am feeling kinda cute today and really love the color pink; I imagine it best from my grandmother's powder puff box, so yummy. I was actually day dreaming here at work today, about what color I will paint my new studio space when we find a house. I'm thinking a soft pale pink, with accents of light browns from antique photos and religious statues of the Virgin Mary, oh it will be brilliant. For some inspiration here are some pieces I am currently hearting and a pair of earrings right from Red Heart 13. enjoy!

~ I am truly drawn to the work from The Paper Apartment, soft delicate lines bleeding with woodland love. I especially love this print called Aflutter, the feathers remind me of fairy tales and flowing tears.

~ An adorable Candy Pink TShirt from Janey Clothing, I am truly hearting this shop and the way the clothing is photographed. You can find a whole array of lovely pieces from this shop all the way from beautiful Ireland.

~ I stumbled upon Muntedlowhai's shop about a month ago, I appreciate the simplicity in all the designs featured. I'm really think this Pink Candy Air Crocheted Lace Necklace is chic mixed with feminine charm; it is as a cute as a button!

~ These Strawberry Kiss Earrings are just the thing to add sweetness to your day, they just arrived this week at RH13 and are ready to kiss your lobes.

House Hunting Adventures: Part 1

Last week some of you might of run into some hidden lines in my previous blogs about my husband and I looking to buy our first home! It's true, it's true; I feel so grown up. I thought it would be cool and informative to share our experience and also would love to receive your insight on tips and any useful info for first time home buyers.

1) First things first, we have a lovely realtor which we met through my parents who recently just moved, she has provided us with some contacts of loan officers she knows and who to call to get pre-approved. A good realtor will be able to help you answer all your questions, which I have plenty of!

2) I called three companies to find out their rates, only one has really responded and was super informative in explaining how a mortgage works and she walked me through their interest rates, fees and our credit. When you call loan officers, a couple things, you want to find their interest rate and the APR at the time to get a good idea, these rates will go up or down but all depends on when you close. Bruce was pre-approved and is considered a first time home buyer and may be eligible for the $8,000 tax credit or at least some of it, very complicated all the stipulations but we are currently looking into it.

3) Once you get your pre-approval letter, then the fun begins! Once you find your house, that is when you have to do more homework, your going to want to call around again to find out the best rates and who you are most comfortable with.

The HOUSE HUNTING ADVENTURE started last night, we went and saw four houses that we found online.

1) The first house was cute from the outside, I'm a big fan of brick. 
• As we pulled into the drive way, we noticed the cement was cracked and later it rained collecting water, hmmm. 
• Needed a new garage door, looked warped. 
• Inside lies the horror: Lime green carpets with 70s flare 
• New windows and lots of storage, but a hidden crawl space that we couldn't get too, anything lurking inside?
•  There was a family room with fireplace, floor was uneven
•  The backyard was a nice size but had this strange cinder block structure, plus lost yard space because of the corner location.

The second house, very nice, out of all the houses we liked this one the most! 
• Much cosmetic worked needed: painting, floors, hornets nest, deck older, cleaning.
• Nice size kitchen and huge backyard, bad fencing
• Flood zone?
• Bedrooms medium size, master bedroom small had horrible mirrors on the walls (freaks)
• Huge finished basement
• 2 full bathrooms, including a hot tub, marble floor half ass'd done.
• Nice neighborhood

2 Turf Lane, $209,000
Bruce had found this one, so we checked it out, he was really bummed out after we looked.
• Exterior nice from a far, up close asbestos siding
• No framing for screen front door
• Wonkly drive way
• Horrible cheap stick on flooring in the lower level
• 2 bathrooms
• Lots of light and nice size kitchen and bedrooms
• Above ground pool that had no cover, located next to highway
• No entrance to the backyard from the inside, weird!
• Two high priced for condition.

The online listing had so images of the inside of the house, hmmm.
• Nice from the outside, semi shady neighborhood
• The only + of this house was the kitchen, with new appliances and new cabinets.
• The finished basement was weird, smelled like mildew and looked as if someone painted the walls in the dark.
• Stains on carpet
• Fenced in backyard and deck
• Bathroom good size

So as you can see this is just the beginning of our journey, it was alot of fun.
We have more houses we want to look at soon, so stay tuned! 
We would love to hear from you all on any tips or insight from your experiences buying your first home!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NEW Danse Macabre Necklace

Photograph: 'Der Danzig Danse Macabre II' © 2006 Lee Hobbs

Because I could not stop for Death,
He kindly stopped for me …

A splendid dance in the arms of death! A flourished shield pendant in a shiny silver, is set with a silver mirrored cab. Swooping below are four silver chains that surround three blood red glass tear drop beads. This necklace just arrived last night at Red Heart 13, I will be listing more new designs later this week.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Fall Designs

Fall will soon be around the corner, what better way to bring in the season than with some woodland love! This season I will be working with lovely forrest charms such as pine cones, acorns and leaves and even a hoot or two!

A new arrival this week are Enchanted Acorn earrings, they would go lovely with a matching necklace or even by themselves.


~ Enchanted Acorn earrings with brass ear wires

~ Enchanted Acorn Necklace on brass chain

Thursday, August 13, 2009

AHOY MATE: Classic Nautical Finds

Nautical inspired finds have will have you set cruising through the end of summer with retro maritime flare. Create a cute sailor look while bringing sea life to your wardrobe with finds that are classic and a little rockabilly. Featured below are some delights that will have you set for sail!

~ XL Sailor Tote from Bayan Hippo, red and white stripes with a a lovely rope handle perfect for on the go.

~ The Grace Kelly Skirt by Thrush. A vintage 1970's light denim a-line skirt perfect for any time.

~ Ribbons and the Sea Anchor Necklace from RH13, a shabby chic enamel anchor is matched with vintage gold chain and a bright red ribbon for tying in the back.

~ Destination Unknown Hand Carved Ring from Beth 1818, a little something for the man in your life whether be pop or even the sailor you know. This sterling silver men's ring features a ship sailing on the ocean and is created using the lost art method of scrimshaw. 

~ Hand Decorated Nautical Red Leather Pumps from Polygnome. Up-cycled and dolled up, these red hot pumps will add some waves to your step. The shoes feature hand painted rope detailing and leather bows with a ship's wheel.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS: Vintage Delights

Many new arrivals and much stress to come with it, well not the creating part but life in general. Work has been a little hectic, plus Bruce and I are in the process of getting pre-approved for a mortgage; gosh I'm all grown up now, both scary and exciting at the same time. On a lighter note, many new arrivals at Red Heart 13 this week, 6 new pairs of earrings, 1 bracelet and 5 new necklaces.

~1) Ruffled Feathers Necklace: a feminine pale pink feather necklace with a twist of modern meets old hollywood.

~ 2) Woodland Lullaby Earrings: a sweet and sassy gift of nature for your little lobes.

~ 3) Davy Jones' Treasure ii: Rich and regal emerald earrings look as if they have been swept from the depths of the dark vast sea.

~ 4) One Bourbon Chunky Bracelet: a lovely vintage liquor tag bracelet for the young at heart.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Venus and Adonis Relic

"Died to kiss his shadow in the brook".

One of my favorite writings by William Shakespeare, is the sick thoughted love story filled with kisses, horror and pain. A relic hangs to adorn your heart, it is based on Shakespeare's Venus and Adonis poem, the relic plays upon the myth of causation and aetiology, explaining why love is inseparable from pain. This necklace features a paper relic taken from one of my personal Shakespeare books dating from the late 1800s. I have always been drawn to the darker tragic stories of love such as the death of Adonis and also the death of the forbidden love between Romeo & Juliet. Many of my earlier works have been based on Shakespeare. I will soon have to share these assemblages with you all. 

This necklace features a vintage Max Factor eye line tube, paper, dried sea plants and salt. The relic hangs on an aged dark brass chain with vintage lucite rosary beads and a petite solid metal religious medal heart. Where this dark love relic long or double loop to rest upon your heart.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Venus enters the poem 'sick-thoughted' with love, and hoists Adonis from the saddle of his horse. She then plies him with kisses, and arguments, but nothing she does or says can rouse him to sexual desire. This he repudiates. By the mid-point of the poem, Adonis has announced his intention to go boar hunting the next morning. Venus tries to dissuade him, and get him to hunt more timid prey. This he ignores, and breaks away from her. She spends the rest of the night in lamentation, at dawn, she hears the sound of the hunt. Full of apprehension, she runs towards the noise, knowing that, as the sound comes from just one place, the hunters are confronting an animal that isn't running away. She comes upon the body of Adonis, fatally gored by the boar's tusks. In her horror and sorrow, the Goddess of Love pronounces a curse upon love: that it will always end badly, and those who love best (like her) will know most sorrow.


The Tin Man's Heart part ii

Last month I had worked on a very special custom necklace called The Tin Man's Heart. Some of you might remember I had originally created this necklace from last year. Interestingly enough I got an email from a gentleman who wanted to have a special custom piece to give to his wife for their 10th anniversary, he explained that the Wizard of Oz is her all time favorite film and he was even thinking of dressing up like the Tin Man, and guess what? He did, this morning I received a lovely email from Mike and he shared a photo of himself dressed up holding the necklace. He created the outfit from old clothes and duct tape.

I am just in awe of how thoughtful of an idea this is, so sweet. Mike told me that they went to Vegas and she wore the necklace around town and received many compliments, which I love to hear. I just love custom pieces and I was really honored to be a part of their anniversary and the gift they shared.


Friday, August 7, 2009


One of my all time favorite things is searching for buried treasure, whether be antique stores, flea markets or my grandmother's attic! Once again I blew my money on junk or what I like to call Buried Treasure (and you wonder why I can't save for a house). Recently I've been in the organizing mode and realized that I was short on the odd and unusal; so where did I turn to: the Newcastle Farmer's Market.

The usuals were there; but a new face, a new horder and a place of glorious treasure. I spent about a half an hour at this man's table, he was a spanish man and looked as if he traveled the lonely roads like a gunslinger in search of rare finds. He had a collection of strange pieces in cases all hand picked by him, I was just in awe of his collections. He was an avid collector of antique religious medals like me, and had odd emblems, keys and a Victorian wooden cross that I wanted so bad. By the end of the day I came away with many new pieces; I can't wait to bring them to my shop all dolled up to adorn your neck, earrings or wrist.

Two brass lion head knocker drawer pulls, two vintage brass guards keys, brass pendant, petite bourbon liquor tag, vintage enamel deer brooch, rhinestone enamel and glass beads, miniature rope pulley, empty bullet shell, bullet pendant, royal emblem drawer pull, pocket watch, train whistle, stork snips, two pocket knives, vintage comb, 20 religious medals and rosary, petite chandelier spikes, plus much more.


Monday, August 3, 2009

IN PROGRESS: Midnight Spell Painting

One look into the mystifying eyes of Dracula; one could soon fall under the spell of doom.

She is quite dazzling and lost in a Midnight Spell, walking the grounds in search of her prey. This is new painting in the works, my second dance with oils. They are quite getting used to, I am finding that I like oils more and more, even though I had to start over about three times, I need to let myself just go with the flow instead of being constrained to tight spaces; it is so hard to be free. 

I am quite drawn to her skin, a blue magically color, looking like dying flesh in the moonlight. Her eyes I am still mastering, I have used a technique with the Linseed oil adding a thin layer and moving a paint around in flourishes, to make the feather like mask in black. I'm sure I will start over at some point, once time passes and it dries. Her eyes are some what rough at this point, but I love that I made her with two different irises, adding some color to her pale deathly look. I am unsure yet, as to whether she is going to have a bleeding neck, but we will see what spell I fall under.

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